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Students hike Mt Feathertop


Benalla P-12 students took part in an adventure to the top of Victoria's second highest peak at the end of last term.

A group of Year 11 students hiked along the famous Razorback track to reach Mount Feathertop as part of the school’s Vocational Education Training (VET) Sport and Recreation class.

Teacher Elyse Felstead said students started at Diamantia Hut on the road to Hotham Village.

“Loading on their backpacks, in perfect hiking conditions, the class headed along the track for 10 km to reach their campsite at Federation Hut,” Ms Felstead said.

“The track was very popular throughout the day, with a number of other school groups enjoying the delightful weather as well.

“The class was well paced, smashing through the 10 km of track with ease.

“Once arriving at the campsite, students set up their tents and had time to recharge the batteries before heading for the peak of

Mount Feathertop.

“Reaching the summit, the students were amazed by just how far they could see, as well as being able to see how far they had walked for the day.

“As the sun set, students walked back down the summit track to cook dinner on their trangias in the fading light.

“(The next morning) with lighter packs and only a couple of blisters, the group descended down the Mountain using the Bungalow Spur Track..

“With steep declines the students hiked along arriving to the small town of Harrietvil­le for an early lunch. A great trip had by all.

“Students will now use their experience in the Alpine National Park to assist with their course for the units of ‘How to respond to emergency situations’ and ‘Provide First Aid’ if they were to occur in an overnight bushwalk or a remote location.”

Student Isabelle Fowles said she really enjoyed the walk as it was a great chance to go somewhere different.

“I liked being able to experience an Alpine environmen­t when it is not covered in snow,” Isabelle said.

“Parts of the hike were hard but it was worth it to see the view at the top.”

Executive principal Tony Clark said Benalla P-12 College was proud to offer a broad range of curriculum to address the interest and needs of students.

“The VET Sport and Recreation program provides students with the opportunit­y to participat­e in not only overnight bushwalkin­g camps, but cross country skiing trips and canoeing trips in the warmer months,” Mr Clark said.

“Students acquire and develop skills, knowledge whilst participat­ing and learn about the environmen­t along the way.

“We have a strong program led by a group of experience­d and passionate staff.”

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 ?? On their way: ?? Students hiking up the mountain.
On their way: Students hiking up the mountain.
 ?? Summit: ?? Benalla P-12 Year 11 VET students atop Mt Feathertop.
Summit: Benalla P-12 Year 11 VET students atop Mt Feathertop.

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