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Teachers lip-sync some cheer

- By Simon Ruppert

With ongoing restrictio­ns and repeated lockdowns FCJ College teacher Erin Crook was looking for a way to keep everyone smiling.

The college is well-known for producing viral lip-sync clips, in partnershi­p with Cooinda Aged Care, so she thought it was a good idea to give the teachers a chance to have a go.

She pitched the idea to principal Shaun Mason, who thought it was a great plan.

“I follow quite a few teaching and motivation pages on Instagram,” Ms Crook said.

“And I saw that a teacher up in Albury had done something similar.

“So I recorded a quick video and sent it to some colleagues to see what they thought.

“I think everyone had been struggling a bit towards the end of term three with all the lockdowns, and hoped this might cheer everyone up.

“They all seemed keen, so we thought we’d give it a go.

“We are blessed at FCJ College to have Adam Toms, who is a well-known local musician, and school chaplain.

“It was my idea, but it was definitely Adam who created the magic.”

Ms Crook said about 18 teachers and other members of staff took part.

“Adam gave us clear directions, so we all took our


our smartphone­s out into our gardens and living rooms, and recorded our bit,” she said.

“Then over one weekend he put it all together and it was ready to go live on YouTube.”

Ms Crook said she had received some amazing feedback already.

“We had some Year 12 students on-site yesterday (Wednesday, September 15) and they loved it.

“And it’s been great to look at the comments on Facebook.

“We even had comments from students who graduated 15 years ago saying how much they loved it.

“Lots of parents have commented and said the kids really enjoyed it.

“It has been fantastic and has been bringing a smile to everyone’s face, which is exactly what we were looking for.

“Plus it’s been a great opportunit­y for our students and the FCJ community to see teachers at home, outside the classroom.”

Ms Crook said while this clip had been lots of fun she wanted to reassure the school community that the Let’s Find Our Voice collaborat­ion with Cooinda would start again.

“It is two years now we haven’t been able to do the lip-sync clip with Cooinda,” she said.

“Which is a shame, as it’s a rite of passage for the Year 7s.

“We have been doing a project this term with Year 7 to 9 where they have been writing letters to Cooinda residents.

“Which has been keeping that connection going.

“But we are really looking forward to when we can get the students and Cooinda residents involved in our next big lip sync.”

In the meantime you can have a look at the FCJ teachers lip syncing to The Rembrandts’ 1990s hit I’ll be there for you — which was popularise­d as the theme tune to Friends — at b8Vmc2SaIi­0

You can also view FCJ College and Cooinda’s versions of Footloose, Don’t stop me now Shake a tail feather v=4372440669­31351 v=1960659184­155480 v=3919471813­39740

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 ?? If you’re happy and you know it: ?? FCJ College teachers created a lip-sync clip to cheer up the school community.
If you’re happy and you know it: FCJ College teachers created a lip-sync clip to cheer up the school community.
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