Benalla Ensign

Finally home, but feeling cold


We managed to get home last Friday afternoon after so many time wasting problems attempting to leave QLD into NSW and and then getting into Victoria.

We had one COVID test in Surat and another in Coonabarab­ran and then a third one in Benalla Hospital.

We were 57 days in Queensland and enjoyed not having to wear masks at all.

I don’t like this current cold weather, which will continue for the rest of this week, a bit of a shock after 33ºC degrees a week ago in Surat.

It will be a while before the effects of the 41ºC heat in Fitzroy Crossing and Yampi Sound in the north of Western Australia hit.

Previous such high temperatur­es at these places around the middle part of September happened in 1971, 1995 and 2009.

It was well into October we got warmer days after these three cases and certainly much above-average rain up to March the following year.

The countrysid­e around town does look very good , a sharp contrast to what I observed a week ago in Surat.

– Peter Nelson, Benalla

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