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Holiday play


After yet another disruption to our playing season, the squash competitio­n is back on in Benalla.

The Benalla Squash Club has changed the tradition of not playing during the school holidays in order to give some of the rounds back to the players.

Also due to capacity restrictio­ns it has set two separate playing times during the night to accommodat­e the rules and the players.

So, last week round six got under way and in this second week of the school holidays, round seven will be played.

Benalla Squash Club round 6 results:

Section 1:

Barkly Street Vets Team defeated Dr Stuart Jones Dentist Team, 2 rubbers each, 9 games to 8: Greg Murphy lost to Stuart Jones 2/3, Adam Saddler lost to Mark Rogers 1/3, Treena McNair defeated Jason Dean 3/0 and Gerry Margat defeated Rahis Baig 3/2.

Benalla Bobcat Team defeated Custom Squash Team 4 rubbers to 0: Wally Pastuszka defeated Greg Murphy (fill-in) 3/2 Rod Firmer defeated Paul O’Brien 3/2, Dave Campbell defeated Robbie Elliott 3/1 and Garry Manning defeated Connor McCombe 3/0.

Section 2:

Stuart Green Plumbing Team defeated HP Excavation­s Team 3 rubbers to 1: Ray Moulday (fillin) defeated Liam Margat 3/1, Greg Cornell defeated Toby Currie 3/0, Damien Gilbert defeated Jye Pastuszka 3/0 and Alex Briggs (in his first night in the competitio­n, up from the Junior Squad) lost to Dawn Shaw 0/3.

Hollywoods Pizza Team defeated Smith Dosser Accountant­s Team 3 rubbers to 0: Alex Scherini defeated Sharon Watkins 3/2, Sharon Gysberts defeated Ben Flynn 3/0 and Kyle Margat and Lucas Ham from the same team played each other, with Lucas, a lower order player, putting in a terrific effort, pushing Kyle on many occasions to lose in 3 games, but get 6 points in the first game, 2 in the second and then almost take out the third, with the game going to 10 points.

Look for Benalla Squash Club on FaceBook. Let us know if you want to join in.

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