Benalla Ensign

Investigat­e the facts


I am despairing about the decline in our culture over a so-called pandemic.

I am sure far more people than will admit it are feeling the same.

Despicable and unlawful means are being used to force compliance to fabricated rules, which in so many ways lack common sense.

The scenes on TV news of mostly peaceful protesters being pursued, forced to the ground and humiliated publicly, as well as the completely unlawful requiremen­t to be vaccinated or lose your job, are both frightenin­g and sickening.

The “protestors” that I mix with are respectabl­e citizens, mostly middle aged or older and who are nothing like the, falsely labelled, abusive and selfish mobs as described in some of the news.

What people may not know is that the mandates and directives under a so-called health emergency are not law.

By submitting to what is mainly coercion through fear, the population is going along using little research and replacing truth with obedience.

Just because nearly everyone else is compliant does not make it right.

Revisit Orwell’s 1984 book to find chilling parallels to what is happening to us right now.

“Big Brother” is exerting ever-increasing control over every aspect of our lives.

How much micro-control are you prepared to live with in order to be “permitted” to have back anything like the freedoms that our predecesso­rs fought and died for?

More people are attending protest groups or making contact about this decline in democracy, especially now that jobs are being threatened for those choosing not to accept this “emergency only” treatment.

It is every person’s lawful right to refuse a medical procedures, as well as to keep such medical knowledge private.

Those who agree with the vax narrative may think that to refuse the jab is like a form of treason, but this assumes that the vax will return everyone back to “normal”.

The untruths behind this promise are being exposed already with highly vaccinated population­s (eg Singapore and Israel) experienci­ng ever higher rates of COVID infection and hospitalis­ation.

And this is aside from the adverse reactions, making the jab a case of “Russian roulette”.

Don’t just listen to, or watch, mainstream news and reports, investigat­e the facts, good and bad, on TGA sites as well as other sources that have no axe to grind.

Only the truth and our willingnes­s to defend it, will set us free from tyranny.

The truth cannot be ignored forever, it will inevitably “call you to account for every lie and carelessly uttered word”.

There are lawful and informed actions that can be taken to counter this autocratic movement and if needing assistance, phone me on 0428 273 613.

— Mike D Larkin, Tatong

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