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POLICE BEAT Witnesses sought to hoon behaviour


Benalla Police are appealing for witnesses after receiving reports of two people on motorbikes riding erraticall­y on Wedge St, Benalla, at 3:20pm on Friday, October 15.

The riders put the community and themselves at risk by riding dangerousl­y through a school zone.

Benalla Highway Patrol Sergeant Shaun Hillier urged the public to assist police remove dangerous riders from our roads by reporting hoon activity through Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Police can impound vehicles for 30 days for offences including speeding, unnecessar­y noise/smoke, organising or participat­ing in street racing, riding a miniaturis­ed motorcycle on a road related area, dangerous/ careless driving, failure to have proper control of a vehicle, unlicensed/disqualifi­ed driving and drink/drug driving offences.

“These types of dangerous behaviours wont be tolerated,” Sgt Hillier said.

“If you choose to engage in these activities you can expect to be held accountabl­e.”

▯ Anyone who witnessed or has informatio­n regarding the incident is urged to contact Benalla Police Station on (03) 5760 0200.

Don’t click on links from unknown senders

Cybercrimi­nals are taking advantage of our frustratio­n of receiving multiple unwanted text messages — by sending a link to opt out.

A police spokespers­on said while we all want to stop receiving these messages clicking the link was not a safe option.

“Clicking on links may download potentiall­y harmful software to your device,” the spokespers­on said.

▯ The safest option is to delete the message immediatel­y, and report the scam via www.

Benalla down the

Police driver are hoping to track of this utility, which was driving on Sydney Rd about 9am on Wednesday, October 13.

A police spokespers­on said they thought the driver was probably wondering where they put something and would be thankful to know that their lost item had been handed into police.

▯ To be reunited with your lost property, phone Benalla Police Station on (03) 5760 0200.

Have you been looking for something all day?

Help prevent farm crime

Farm Crime affects more than than the initial victims.

It can easily flow on to several small, local businesses, who rely on farmers for regionally sourced produce and livestock.

A police spokespers­on said community informatio­n was valuable in preventing farm crime.

“We encourage everyone to report suspicious activity as soon as possible,” the spokespers­on said.

That activity can include several things, such as:

• Unfamiliar people and vehicles in remote areas;

• Cars with trailers in the early hours of the morning;

• Torch lights in the distance;

• Dogs on the farm going off for apparently no reason;

• Tyre marks in paddocks; and

• Fences and padlocks cut.

▯ Property owners can take a look at the Farm Security Checklist via

▯ Got some informatio­n? Please share it via Crime Stoppers Victoria 1800 333 000.

▯ If offenders are still present, phone 000.

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 ?? ?? Driver sought: Benalla Police are hoping to track down the driver of this utility.
Driver sought: Benalla Police are hoping to track down the driver of this utility.

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