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Unhealthy Focus on climate


It would be logical to expect that the increase in the world’s population would affect the world’s climate.

However, it is illogical to expect impoverish­ing the Australian people, would improve the situation.

It was published that in 16 hours, China emits what Australia emits in 12 months and China’s emissions are increasing. The problem is, if Australia declares a climate, “emergency”, then the democratic process can be suspended, as it has been during the present pandemic.

Anybody can see the negative effects that have occurred to Victorians because of the suspension of the democratic process by the Andrew’s Government and the inability of the Victorian people to effect change.

If you want more of the same of what we are going through now, then vote for a climate emergency.

The concentrat­ion on the pandemic to the exclusion of everything else has been a disaster for Victorians. The concentrat­ion on climate change to the exclusion of everything else would be another disaster.

If you look behind the facade projected by countries critical of Australia you can usually find the hypocrisy involved. It is not do as I do, but do as I say, which gives them a financial advantage.

— P Carter, Benalla

Benalla is fortunate to have a well managed aquatic centre, but why is it closed?

Similar facilities in Wangaratta have been open for more than two weeks.

Residents of Benalla have been severely affected including swimmers, water aerobic groups, rehabilita­tion groups, swimming club members as well as children’s learn to swim and water safety classes.

— Don Dunnachie, Benalla

Missing aquatic centre

Cycling milestone marked

I recently had an enjoyable five days in Miles in outback Queensland where I did some cycling on quiet, wide roads.

I reached the 846,800km mark while in Miles in just over 55 years of cycling, which first started on a sunny Saturday morning in August 1966 when I was living in Karingal, Frankston.

The 846,800km is actually half a million miles. Miles has had much-needed rain last week. This town has been in drought since February 2015 and the last time there was a wetter-than-average year was 10 years ago.

This year’s rainfall total to date of 535mm is still well down on the annual normal of 655mm.

The 30-year average from 1961 to 1990 was 669mm, but from 1991 to 2020 the annual average had dropped nearly 100mm to 570mm.

This rainfall pattern is much the same at other towns further north towards Emerald, including Mt Morgan, Biloela, Taroom and Banana.

Very strange but interestin­g countrysid­e with rocky , volcanic mountains scattered around in a somewhat dry dusty environmen­t.

— Peter Nelson, Benalla

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