Benalla Ensign



All bridge is being played online at present, but we will return to table bridge next week, on Monday, October 25. Wednesday, October 13

Twenty players participat­ed. North-south: 1. George Wagner and Kay Smith 59.0 per cent.

2. Christine and Peter Holmes 54.5 per cent

East-west: 1. Jackie Rubira and Helen Price 60.0 per cent

2. Carlin Bruce and Margaret Richards 53.0 per cent

Monday, October 18

Twenty-eight players participat­ed. North-south: 1. Marie Wallis and Kay Smith 58.6 per cent.

2. Kylie and George Wagner 56.3 per cent. 3. Dorothy Stewart and Angela Larsen 54.8 per cent.

East-west: 1. Guests 64.9 per cent.

2. Mick Kelly and Norma Hodgson 58.3 per cent.

3. Michelle Aldous and Judy Bassett 50.9 per cent.

Benalla Bridge Club meets twice weekly at the Senior Citizens’ rooms in Fawckner Dve, and welcomes inquiries from people wanting to learn the basics of bridge.

We can organise beginner/refresher lessons for those interested.

▯ For more informatio­n, phone Peter on 0438 625 638.

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