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Artistic merger

GA-NEA-A amalgamati­on to bring new opportunit­ies

- By Simon Ruppert

North East Artisans and the Goulburn and North East Arts Alliance are two of the biggest art collective­s in the north east — and they are about to join forces.

The merger has been in the planning stage for some time, and as it nears completion members are excited about the new opportunit­ies it will bring.

NEA’s DeSales Turner said both organisati­ons had different strengths and combining those would be good for everyone.

“We haven’t yet finished all the practicali­ties associated with the merger — but we are almost there,” Ms Turner said.

“We will still be a separate entity to a point.

“So we have set up an new bank account and things we sell go into that account so we can continue to be an organisati­on that supplies it own finance to run the gift shop and galleries.

“We (NEA and GANEAA) do have a corporate structure so we have a president, vice-president and treasurer,” Ms Turner said.

“They oversee the entirety of the organisati­on, and we (NEA) have representa­tion so, we have some position on the board.”

Ms Turner said GANEAA had always been known for its exhibition­s and workshops.

“But we would call them high end,” she said “So when people come to a GANEAA workshop they could expect to pay $400 to $800 for a weekend.

“And the reason for that is they have artists who are internatio­nally renowned who come and do the teaching.

“They’re also held in really lovely venues like art galleries. Whilst our speciality is having community based, community led workshops.

“Those are affordable for the everyday person.

“So after we amalgamate we’ll have those two tiers of workshops. Some for profession­al artist, and some for aspiring artists.”

Ms Turner said NEA’s workshops were designed to help people fall in love with art appreciati­on — in all its forms.

“So not just drawings and paintings, but using fabrics to make art; using wood to make

art; using clay to make art,” she said.

“There are so many different mediums. “There’s a lot of ways people can define what art is and we stand for a less stoic, traditiona­l definition of what is art.

“Art is in the eye of the beholder and we want to be known as a community organisati­on that helps people unlock their creativity.”

The structure of NEA will undergo some

changes as a result of the amalgamati­on.

One of those is that, after November of 2022, NEA members will need to pay an annual fee.

“We are keeping that low,” Ms Turner said. “So it will be $25 for the year.”

If you are interested about finding out more, or if you would like to join, visit www.northeasta­ or pop into

 ?? ?? Artistic opportunit­ies: Benalla’s North East Artisans are joining forces with the Goulburn and North East Arts Alliance.
Artistic opportunit­ies: Benalla’s North East Artisans are joining forces with the Goulburn and North East Arts Alliance.

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