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No alternativ­e candidate offered

- — Delfina Manor, Benalla

Opposite a headline “Haines’ Energy Plan Backed”, Jamie Fisher writes that Helen Haines’ only contributi­on is “a niche interest in a Federal ICAC”.

Presumably Mr Fisher considers a divisive Religious Discrimina­tion Bill and a parliament­ary debate about excluding transgende­r people in some sports more urgent than stamping out corruption, or dealing with climate change and with it a systematic transition to alternativ­e energy.

Without evidence, he is critical of

Helen Haines, but offers no alternativ­e candidate or policies.

He demands a steady hand in our politicall­y volatile world.

Does he mean Morrison, who has angered France, Biden, our Pacific Island neighbours, New Zealand, China, and most recently ASIO, which asked him to stop politicisi­ng diplomacy?

Or maybe he means Morrison’s Hawaiian selfies, his ukulele playing and his venture into hairdressi­ng?

I migrated from Italy, then a country riddled with corruption; a country of insecure, exploitati­ve working conditions; a country where education was the entrencher of privilege not Australia’s great equaliser; and where religion was cynically manipulate­d.

This is where Australia is heading, minus Italy’s respect for its artists, its teachers and its culture.

I will be voting for Helen Haines, a representa­tive who has stood up for important issues, never once debasing herself by employing cheap abuse.

The difficulty will be who to put last.

 ?? ?? Number 80: Diwi Bekins (right) with Karen Newton and the saw she painted for her.
Number 80: Diwi Bekins (right) with Karen Newton and the saw she painted for her.

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