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Indoor Bowls

Monday, February 21: 15 bowlers played 3 games of 8 ends of triples and fours. Winners were D McIntyre (Skip), G Green, B Mollison and Joan Lemin with 3 wins and 18 shots up. Runners Up were L Brown (Skip), L Taylor, S Zanin and R Brindly with 2 wins and 5 shots up.

Outdoor Bowls

Tuesday, February 22: Round 12 Midweek Pennant Results – A1 Benalla vs Wodonga – Home Benalla lost 40/66

Skips P Brock lost 15/24, S Warfe lost 15/20, I Hobson lost 10/22. A2 Benalla vs Yackandand­ah – Away Benalla won 51/49

G Greene won 20/12, T Marchant won 20/14, J Lia lost 11/23. A3 Benalla vs Corowa RSL – Home Benalla lost 55/71

Skips A Campbell won 20/16, H Dartmann won 22/20, T Osborne lost 13/35.

Friday 25th February 2022 – Round 13 Weekend Pennant Results –

A1 Benalla vs Corowa RSL – Home Benalla won 101/47

Skips S Warfe won 28/12, D O’Connor won 23/12, P Brock won 21/11, C Cooney won 29/12. Saturday 26th February 2022 – Round 13 Weekend Pennant Results –

A2 Benalla vs Chiltern – Away Benalla lost 64/103

T Marchant lost 16/23, D Blyss lost 10/27, J Lia lost 17/27, R Lockwood lost 21/26.

A4 Benalla vs Tungamah – Home Benalla lost 62/95

Skips J Dennis lost 15/18, G Lessing lost 13/28, A Campbell lost 15/28, D Brooker lost 19/21. B1 Benalla vs Mansfield – Away Benalla lost 46/57

I Hobson lost 10/21, L Lidgerwood won 22/20, T Armstrong lost 14/16.

Open Social Bowls: Fourteen bowlers entered this event held Wednesday, February 23. The winners for the night were G Pitts and V Wood. Sheets are up for this Wednesday, March 2. Names in my 5pm, play starts 6pm.

BBC Club Championsh­ips: Men’s 100 Up Final – This final was postponed due to the A1s playing on last Friday night.

A new date will be arranged as soon as possible.

In the meantime the Ladies’ and Men’s Pairs are reaching a conclusion. Mixed Pairs entry sheet is up together with the Minor Singles. BBC Corporate Bowls: This event is reaching its conclusion and we thank all the businesses who participat­ed.

A big thank you to Chris Cooney and Brendan Rettke who have organised and run this successful event. We look forward to next season when they will start this event in November.

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