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Fit herbs and spices neatly in your cus­tom-made drawer.

Gather your sup­plies 19mm dressed pine, size and quan­tity to suit

You’ll also need Spice jars; power saw; fine-grit sand­pa­per; drill and bits; wood glue; tim­ber screws; clear var­nish spray; cloth; drop sheet


When us­ing power tools, wear all safety gear re­quired. For more in­for­ma­tion, re­fer to your equip­ment pack in­struc­tions.

Here’s how STEP 1 Mea­sure in­ter­nal width, length and depth of your drawer. Mea­sure height and di­am­e­ter of jars. Use th­ese mea­sure­ments to cal­cu­late how many rows of herbs and spices you can fit. Think of it as a mini-stair­case – here, with 3 treads and 3 ris­ers. Width of treads needs to be at least height of jars. Thick­ness of ris­ers are no less than di­am­e­ter of jars. Make treads a lit­tle wider to fill drawer, if nec­es­sary.

STEP 2 Mea­sure, mark and cut pine to suit. Lightly sand cut pine pieces.

STEP 3 Predrill an even spread of 3 holes in ris­ers. Ap­ply glue along 1 long edge of tread, then press riser on tread, flush with long edge.

STEP 4 Drive screws through riser into tread. Re­peat to at­tach re­main­ing ris­ers to treads. Wipe away ex­cess glue with damp­ened cloth.

STEP 5 To at­tach 2 tread/ riser as­sem­blies to each other, ap­ply glue, then predrill and screw through riser into edge of tread. Keep edges aligned.

STEP 6 Re­peat Step 5 to at­tach re­main­ing as­sem­blies.

STEP 7 Wipe away dust. Trans­fer rack to drop sheet in a well-ven­ti­lated area. Spray rack with 2 coats of var­nish. Let dry af­ter each coat. Place rack in drawer, with screws fac­ing down­ward and add jars.

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