What? Where is all this salt com­ing from?

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Ac­cord­ing to the Heart Foun­da­tion, 75 per cent of di­etary sodium comes from pro­cessed foods. The list of cul­prits is crazy-long, from the more ob­vi­ous to the sur­pris­ing. To re­duce your risk of salty health prob­lems, cut back on the fol­low­ing: ■ Snack foods such as chips, dry-roasted nuts and savoury bick­ies.

■ Lunch meats like devon, ham, pep­per­oni and salami.

■ Tinned foods such as soup, baked beans and veg­eta­bles.

■ Many breads, bagels, crum­pets, muffins, even break­fast ce­re­als. ■ Pizza, pies, sausage rolls and gy­ros.

■ Jarred pasta sauces and dips.

■ Soy, to­mato and bar­be­cue sauces.

■ Cheese (sorry).

■ Ba­con (sorry again). ■ Gravy gran­ules, stock cubes and yeast ex­tract. ■ Fast food, such as burg­ers, nuggets, fried chicken, hot dogs and chips. ■ Ready-made meals.

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