How to be a happy, healthy loser

Throw out your old ideas about los­ing weight, it’s time to set your­self up for suc­cess

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How to win at weight loss (this time it’s for real)

Once upon a time, try­ing to lose weight was Bloody Hard Work. If you weren’t hun­gry all the time and hat­ing life, you weren’t do­ing it right. Well, bye-bye to that malarky. Thanks to years (decades!) of first­hand re­search, we’ve fi­nally twigged that the boiled cab­bage and card­board cracker ap­proach is deeply flawed and uh, doesn’t work. Se­verely re­strict­ing calo­ries, weigh­ing and mea­sur­ing ev­ery morsel and plac­ing faith in the lat­est reg­i­mented celeb ‘cure’ only works for as long as you can stand the de­pri­va­tion and the mis­ery. That would be… not very long. Be­fore you know it, any lost ki­los (and a few of their free­loader bud­dies) are back again in all their un­wanted glory.

How about a big ‘hell no’ to all that?

What­ever your rea­sons for want­ing to shed weight – whether to im­prove crit­i­cal health num­bers, slay a sugar dragon or just look and feel bet­ter – longterm suc­cess only comes if you’re happy and wellfed along your jour­ney.

A win­ning game plan

How you think and feel are as im­por­tant as what you put in your mouth. Step 1 – don’t see this as a pun­ish­ment for pre­vi­ous dough­nuts downed. Choos­ing to be­come health­ier is a rea­son to cel­e­brate and with ev­ery healthful de­ci­sion you make, you’re a step closer to your goal whether it’s 5kg or 50.

Hello kitchen god­dess!

When you shop for, pre­pare and cook your own meals from scratch, you’re in com­plete con­trol. You know there’s no added sugar, salt, preser­va­tives or sus­pect chem­i­cals hid­ing out in your food. It’s a peace of mind that doesn’t come with ready-prepped meals, ‘diet’ frozen meals, most fast food or even restau­rant fare.

Armed with the right tools, from recipes to spices and nifty gad­gets, even the most re­luc­tant cook can shine.

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