How to plant a bare-root rose

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Dur­ing win­ter, roses are sold as bare-root plants, wrapped in a bag with com­post to keep their roots moist. (Check out the Big value rose of­fer on page 78). Here’s how to plant them:

STEP 1 Re­move rose from its pack­ag­ing and shake off com­post. Soak roots in a bucket of wa­ter for a few hours or overnight. STEP 2 In pre­pared soil, dig a hole 30–40cm across and about 30cm deep. STEP 3 Form a mound of soil in the base of the hole, then sit rose plant on top of mound, spread­ing roots over and down sides. STEP 4 Near the base of the stem, there’s a kink called the bud union – this needs to re­main about 5cm above the soil level af­ter plant­ing.

STEP 5 Back­fill the hole with soil, cov­er­ing roots, and firm­ing soil with your hands. Check the bud union is above the soil. Make a saucer­shaped de­pres­sion around the stem to hold and di­rect wa­ter down to the roots. STEP 6 Wa­ter the rose in well, us­ing a bucket or wa­ter­ing can full of wa­ter. Check af­ter 30 min­utes that all the wa­ter has soaked in and top up soil level if it has dropped a lit­tle.


Keep newly planted n roses moist un­til new green shoots ap­pear in a few weeks’ time. Once there’s plenty of new fo­liage, ease back the wa­ter­ing to about twice a week, giv­ing a deep soak­ing rather than a light sprin­kle. In spring, ap­ply rose fer­tiliser and a layer of mulch.

Don’t re­plant roses in the same n spot where roses have grown pre­vi­ously, as they will fail to thrive. Ei­ther leave fal­low for 12 months or re­place the soil.



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