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PUT UP A PAIR OF PER­GO­LAS Gather your sup­plies ■ Posts 200 x 100mm x 3m treated pine sleep­ers (16)

■ Outrig­ger blocks From 200 x 100mm x 3m treated pine sleeper

■ Outrig­ger arms 140 x 45mm x 4.8m H3 treated pine (16)

■ Bat­tens 42 x 42mm x 4.8m treated pine (14)

■ Screen frames 90 x 45mm x 5.4m treated pine (5)

■ Screen sur­rounds 42 x 18mm x 5.4m treated pine (8) ■ Ma­trix Wood­land Dé­cor Screen Pan­els in Char­coal (4)

You’ll also need String­line; wooden pegs; set-out paint; post-hole dig­ger; 175mm bat­ten screws for treated pine; drill; spirit level; quick-set con­crete (3 bags per hole); 12mm x 10m plas­tic tube; power saw; hand­saw; slid­ing bevel; pro­trac­tor; ham­mer; sharp chisel; 100mm bat­ten screws for treated pine; Cabot’s Ex­te­rior Stain and Var­nish in Acorn; paint­ing equip­ment; metal primer; 375 x 275 x 75mm T shape mend­ing plates (16); black spray paint; M10 x 40mm gal­vanised coach screws and wash­ers; 900 x 600 x 3mm MDF; ex­te­rior un­der­coat; low sheen ex­te­rior acrylic paint in black; nail gun and gal­vanised nails, to suit


When us­ing power tools, wear all safety gear re­quired. For more in­for­ma­tion, re­fer to your equip­ment in­struc­tions.

A wa­ter level is a 12mm clear plas­tic tube filled with wa­ter, with air bub­bles re­moved. With a per­son at each post hold­ing tube, the per­son at marked post moves tube un­til wa­ter settles at marked point. Per­son at other post then marks post where wa­ter level is in tube at their end.

Here’s how STEP 1 To set out per­gola, set up 5m-long par­al­lel string­lines, 5m apart. This will be po­si­tion of in­side faces of posts. Use set-out paint to mark po­si­tions of post holes (4 along each string­line). Make dis­tance be­tween cen­tres of posts 1.4m. En­sure posts are op­po­site the one on other side. Dig a 350mm-wide hole 700mm deep for each post.

STEP 2 To make each post, stack 2 sleep­ers and join us­ing 175mm bat­ten screws. Place a post in a hole so in­side face meets string­line. Make plumb and con­crete in po­si­tion. Re­peat to in­stall re­main­ing posts.

STEP 3 Start­ing from short­est post, mark a level line across posts on that side with a spirit level. Use a wa­ter level (see Notes, left) to trans­fer level to other per­gola and draw level line along posts. Use power saw to cut top off all posts along level line. As saw won’t cut through full depth of posts, use hand­saw to fin­ish cut.

STEP 4 To mark out 45mm-deep notches on top of post, on in­side face of post, mark a point 120mm down from top of post. Set slid­ing bevel to 8° us­ing a pro­trac­tor. Place against 1 side of post so blade meets marked point and slopes down towards out­side face of post. Re­peat to mark notch for other side of post.

STEP 5 Set power saw to cut 45mm deep and make mul­ti­ple passes through post for notch. Re­set saw to cut full depth and cut down ver­ti­cal

lines of notch. Knock out waste tim­ber with a ham­mer and make smooth us­ing chisel. Re­peat Steps 4 and 5 for re­main­ing posts.

STEP 6 To con­struct an outrig­ger, cut 3 outrig­ger blocks from sleeper. Make blocks 140mm high and width to suit width of post re­main­ing be­tween the 2 notches. Po­si­tion blocks flush with each end of 1 outrig­ger arm, screw­ing to­gether with 100mm bat­ten screws. Put third block so cen­tre of block is 850mm from 1 end of outrig­ger arm. This will be the top end of the outrig­ger. Re­peat to con­struct 7 re­main­ing outrig­ger ar­mand-block as­sem­blies for re­main­ing posts.

STEP 7 Ap­ply 1 coat of stain to as­sem­blies and re­main­ing outrig­ger arms. Ap­ply stain to posts. Let dry.

STEP 8 Put a stained outrig­ger arm on top of outrig­ger arm-and-block as­sem­bly and screw to­gether. Re­peat for all out­rig­gers.

STEP 9 Trace shape of a mend­ing plate on MDF and cut out, re­tain­ing outer ‘sten­cil’. Set aside. Ap­ply primer to mend­ing plates, let dry then spray with black paint. Let dry.

STEP 10 With a helper, lift an outrig­ger over an end post of 1 per­gola so pair of outrig­ger arms sit ei­ther side of notch in top of post. Make bot­tom end of outrig­ger 600mm from out­side face of post. Screw through outrig­ger arms into post to se­cure. Tip

Loosen screws at bot­tom end of outrig­ger to make it eas­ier to get outrig­ger over post. Tighten after in­stal­la­tion.

STEP 11 Place 1 mend­ing plate over a join be­tween outrig­ger and post. Predrill then use coach screws to fix in place. Re­peat to in­stall mend­ing plate on other side of post.

STEP 12 Re­peat Steps 10 and 11 to in­stall outrig­ger at other end post. Have your helper look along top of first outrig­ger to en­sure top of sec­ond outrig­ger is in line prior to screw­ing mend­ing plate to posts.

STEP 13 Set up a string­line be­tween bot­tom ends of out­rig­gers. In­stall out­rig­gers on re­main­ing posts so they meet the string­line. Look along tops of out­rig­gers be­fore fix­ing mend­ing plates to en­sure they are all in line. In­stall mend­ing plates.

STEP 14 Re­peat Steps 10–13 to in­stall all out­rig­gers on sec­ond per­gola.

STEP 15 Place MDF sten­cil over a mend­ing plate on post. Us­ing the MDF to pro­tect against over­spray, spray paint heads of screws and touch up mend­ing plates. Re­peat for all mend­ing plates.

STEP 16 To de­ter­mine bat­ten length, mea­sure dis­tance across out­rig­gers on 1 per­gola. Cut bat­tens so they are 120mm longer than this mea­sure­ment. Un­der­coat then ap­ply 2 coats ex­te­rior acrylic in black, al­low­ing to dry after each coat. Re­peat for sec­ond per­gola. STEP 17 Place a bat­ten at top end of out­rig­gers so it over­hangs 60mm at each end. Use a 150mm spac­ing block to po­si­tion bat­ten 150mm from top. Nail in place. Fix 3 more bat­tens to top of out­rig­gers us­ing block to main­tain an even gap. At bot­tom of out­rig­gers, place a bat­ten in line with cen­tre of mend­ing plate. Place bat­tens on ei­ther side us­ing spac­ing block to sep­a­rate. Re­peat for sec­ond per­gola. STEP 18 To con­struct frame for dec­o­ra­tive screen, mea­sure be­tween posts and cut screen frame pieces for top and bot­tom of frame. Cut up­rights for frame 1810mm long. Po­si­tion up­rights be­tween top and bot­tom of frame so gap be­tween them is 910mm and is cen­tred on top and bot­tom pieces. Screw through top and bot­tom pieces into up­rights. Ap­ply 1 coat of stain to frame and let dry. Un­der­coat then paint screen sur­rounds in 2 coats ex­te­rior acrylic, al­low­ing to dry after each coat. Cut to fit around in­side of frame and nail in place so edge of sur­round is flush with edge of frame on 1 side. Place dec­o­ra­tive screen in­side frame so it sits on sur­round. Run more sur­round around screen to hold in place. Re­peat to make 3 more screens. STEP 19 Put screens be­tween posts, flush with out­side faces. Screw through top and bot­tom of frame into posts to se­cure.

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