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A wall-mounted TV is a clever way to save valu­able floor space. The prob­lem is the ugly tan­gle of wires hang­ing down from it. Here’s how to in­stall a TV wall bracket on an in­ter­nal plas­ter­board wall and hide those ca­bles.

Gather your sup­plies ■ TV bracket ■ Brush wall cover plates (2)

You’ll also need Mea­sur­ing tape; pen­cil; stud finder; drill; ratchet and socket; hol­low wall an­chors and set­ting tool (op­tional); drill bit to suit an­chors (op­tional)

Here’s how STEP 1 Place bracket on back of TV and mea­sure from top of wall mount on bracket to bot­tom of TV. Mea­sure up wall to where you would like bot­tom of TV to sit then add first mea­sure­ment to find where top of wall mount will sit.

STEP 2 Po­si­tion wall mount of bracket on wall and make level. Draw line of fix­ing holes on wall.

STEP 3 Use stud finder to lo­cate tim­ber studs be­hind plas­ter wall where bracket will sit. It’s best to have 2 studs to fix wall plate to. If there is only 1 stud, use hol­low wall an­chors in ad­di­tion.

STEP 4 Drill 2 holes for hol­low wall an­chors along each line drawn on wall in Step 2. In­sert an­chors into holes and tap against wall to se­cure. Remove screw so sleeve tight­ens against back of wall. You can use a hol­low wall an­chor tool but this is not es­sen­tial.

STEP 5 Place wall plate back on wall and in­sert screws from an­chors through plate and into an­chor sleeve em­bed­ded in wall. Tighten screws.

STEP 6 In­sert sup­plied coach screws through bracket into wall stud. Place a coach screw at top and bot­tom of bracket.

STEP 7 Mark po­si­tion of cover plate on wall so it will be hid­den by TV and at bot­tom of wall near power point. Use stud finder to check there is no tim­ber fram­ing be­tween cover plates. If there is, ad­just po­si­tion of cover plates. Cut holes in wall for cover plates us­ing wall­board saw. Mount cover plates in holes.

STEP 8 Feed ca­bles be­hind wall through cover plates. Con­nect TV to ca­bling then mount on bracket.

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