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BAG, THROW AND PILLOWCASE­S Gather your sup­plies ■ All dye bath sup­plies (see page 136) Nat­u­ral fi­bre bag, throw or pil­low­case, washed, dried Clamp‑style hanger Plas­tic garbage bag (to pro­tect sur­faces from drips) Paint stir­rer (op­tional)

Here’s how STEP 1 As­sem­ble ma­te­ri­als and pre­pare dye bath (see page 136 for in­struc­tions) let­ting mix­ture set ac­cord­ing to prod­uct in­struc­tions. Spread garbage bag over sur­face where wet fab­ric will hang.

STEP 2 Soak fab­ric in wa­ter then squeeze out ex­cess. Fold fab­ric to fit on hanger.

STEP 3 Dip a por­tion of fab­ric in dye. Lift and lower fab­ric into dye un­til sat­is­fied with dyed edge and colour in­ten­sity. If de­sired, use a paint stir­rer to help dye up the fab­ric, cre­at­ing an un­even line.

STEP 4 Rinse fab­ric in wa­ter, un­fold and hang, let­ting dye drip onto garbage bag. Put fab­ric in clothes dryer to heat‑set.

Remove your fab­ric from the dye and watch it turn from green to in­digo be­fore your eyes!

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