Spring em­broi­dery

The how-to

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Gather your sup­plies

30.5cm square cot­ton or linen fab­ric; 20cm dia. wooden em­broi­dery hoop; me­chan­i­cal pen­cil or fab­ric pen­cil; stranded em­broi­dery thread in mint green, pale pink, dark pink, white, aqua blue, for­est green, turquoise and mid brown; pink and white twine; nee­dle grab­ber (op­tional); wa­ter­colour pen­cils; tacky glue; scrap­book card; gen­eral sewing sup­plies; elec­tric light­box (op­tional)


• Use all 6 strands of em­broi­dery thread, un­less oth­er­wise stated.

• Re­fer to stitch guide on page 199 for all stitches.

Here’s how

STEP 1 Se­cure fab­ric right-side down in hoop. Trace tem­plate (on page 202) onto right side of fab­ric (with hoop up­side down). To trace, tape di­a­gram de­sign to win­dow dur­ing day­light (or light­box), press hoop against it, then trace de­sign.

STEP 2 Re­move fab­ric from hoop. Flip fab­ric right-side up and, with de­sign cen­tred, se­cure it in hoop.

STEP 3A Us­ing mint green thread, back­stitch first line of bike frame.

STEP 3B Fill in rest of bike frame by off­set­ting lines of back­stitches to form a brick-like pat­tern.

STEP 4 Stitch bike seat and han­dle bar us­ing satin stitch and 3 strands of pale pink.

STEP 5 Stitch bike chain us­ing ca­ble-chain stitch and 3 strands of dark pink. Fol­low drawn lines to back­stitch rest of bike. The wheel guard is worked in pale pink and the wheels are worked in white. Stitch the spokes us­ing long, straight stitches with 2 strands of white thread.

STEP 6 Use twine to work a straight stitch for each bal­loon string. A nee­dle grab­ber makes it eas­ier to pull the thick twine through fab­ric. Back­stitch bal­loon out­lines in aqua blue.

STEP 7 Back­stitch flower out­lines in pale pink or dark pink thread. Stitch French knots in mint green within flow­ers and for sta­mens. Make French knots in turquoise for flower buds in bas­ket. Back­stitch along lines of bas­ket us­ing mid brown. Re­fer­ring to main pho­to­graph as a guide, colour un­stitched ar­eas of flow­ers, bas­kets, bal­loons and wheels us­ing the wa­ter­colour pen­cils.

STEP 8 Work larger leaf vines, us­ing mint green and satin stitch for the leaves. Work for­est green fo­liage in bas­ket in satin stitch, as be­fore. Back­stitch all stems in mint green or for­est green.

STEP 9 Stitch smaller fo­liage around hoop edge us­ing lazy daisy stitch and mint green. Us­ing back­stitch in turquoise, stitch cir­cu­lar flower buds.

STEP 10 To fin­ish, trim fab­ric so it cov­ers the in­ner edge of the hoop, brush tacky glue around the wrong side of the fab­ric then stick to in­ner hoop. Let glue set. To neaten back, cut scrap­book card to in­ner hoop size. Brush tacky glue edge of hoop back then glue card in place.

STOCK­ISTS Spotlight: Fab­ric, stranded em­broi­dery threads, em­broi­dery hoop, nee­dle grab­ber, tacky glue, gen­eral sewing sup­plies. Of­fice­works: Me­chan­i­cal pen­cil, wa­ter­colour pen­cils.

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