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Pam­per your hard­work­ing mitts and toot­sies, they’ll thank you

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top toot­sies Tackle the dry­ness

As win­ter comes to a close, you’ll soon be swap­ping socks for san­dals, a scary thought maybe. Your feet may not look their pret­ti­est but they can be in as lit­tle as 20 min­utes. Find a tub of warm wa­ter, a towel and your choice of the fol­low­ing foot prod­ucts, then fol­low these easy steps.

1 Re­move sur­face dry­ness

Un­less you are a reg­u­lar foot scrub­ber you will have a build up of dead skin on your feet. Your heels and soles will have the tough­est patches, but even the tops of your feet, in­clud­ing be­tween your toes, will have a build-up of dry­ness. What to do Soak your feet in warm wa­ter for five min­utes then, one at a time, mas­sage each with a foot or body scrub. Do each foot twice be­fore rins­ing well. Try La Source Warm­ing Foot Smoother, $25, Crab­tree & Evelyn (top right). Green Lemon & Or­ange Blossom Body Scrub, $14.99, Sanc­tu­ary Spa.

2 Trim, shape and file nails

Nails are al­ways grow­ing and need­ing at­ten­tion but dur­ing the win­ter months, let’s be hon­est, you’re less likely to


be as fussy about the end re­sult. But when the time comes to wear san­dals, you do want your nails to be well shaped and neat.

What to do While your feet are still soft af­ter the soak, gently move back your cu­ti­cles us­ing a cu­ti­cle pusher then trim any over­hang with a cu­ti­cle trim­mer. Use nail clip­pers to cut ex­cess nail length and a nail file to re­fine the shape and smooth the edges.

Try 5 Piece Man­i­cure Set, $19.99; and Cu­ti­cle Trim­mer and Pusher, $9.95, Mani­care.

3 Soften and soothe skin

An­other pair of hands would be most wel­come if you love re­ceiv­ing more than giv­ing a foot mas­sage, but do­ing it your­self still de­liv­ers great re­sults.

What to do While your feet are soft af­ter be­ing soaked and pam­pered, the skin will be most ab­sorbent so it’s the best time to work in a good dose of foot cream.

If they’re par­tic­u­larly dry ap­ply more cream be­fore bed and sleep in cot­ton socks.

Try Mama Bee Leg & Foot Creme, $24.95, Burt’s Bees (bot­tom right). Feet Heel Balm, $11.54, QV Skin­care (bot­tom mid­dle). NS-8 Heel Balm Com­plex, $11.45, Nutri-syn­ergy

(top left). Laven­der

Foot Mask, $6,


(bot­tom left).

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