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STEP 1 De­mol­ish ex­ist­ing lat­tice fence and gate. Clean brick fence us­ing a pres­sure washer.

STEP 2 Con­struct frames to sup­port screen along ex­ist­ing brick fence. Make over­all height of frame 410mm and space studs evenly along fence, not ex­ceed­ing 700mm apart. Screw to­gether us­ing 100mm bat­ten screws.

STEP 3 Paint frames with black ex­te­rior acrylic. (Will make fence stand out when com­pleted.) Paint brick fence with Nile Clay us­ing a long nap roller (best for paint­ing rough sur­faces). Ap­ply 2 coats, al­low­ing to dry af­ter each coat.

STEP 4 Place frame on top of brick fence 100mm from front edge. On bot­tom plate of frame, mark po­si­tions for ma­sonry screws. Put a screw to­wards each end of frame and 1 in each gap be­tween frame studs. Make sure screws will go through the cen­tre of a brick. So you don’t blunt your drill bit, lift frame off bricks to drill 10mm holes at each po­si­tion.

STEP 5 Place frame back on fence. Through each hole in frame, mark bricks below us­ing drill fit­ted with a 10mm ma­sonry bit. Re­move frame and drill holes in bricks for ma­sonry screws.

STEP 6 Re­po­si­tion frame. At­tach to bricks us­ing 100mm ma­sonry screws with ratchet and socket.

STEP 7 Where frames join, screw to­gether with 65mm wood screws.

STEP 8 On ends of fence, mea­sure 100mm up from bricks and mark frames. Use a chalk­line to join these points and flick to mark studs be­tween.

STEP 9 Po­si­tion first board against frame so top edge meets chalked line. At end of fence, make end of board 10mm from edge of frame so shadow line cre­ated by cap­ping at the top of the frame will be main­tained.

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