Two-tim­ing garage

Build a man cave with­out los­ing your work­shop

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think­ing of con­vert­ing your garage into a hang­out zone but don’t want to give up your work­shop or stor­age? Why not have the best of both worlds! By build­ing a sim­ple par­ti­tion wall, you can break up your garage into two sep­a­rate spa­ces – a handy work­shop when there’s jobs to get done and a comfy room when it's time to re­lax. Add stor­age racks and cup­boards and you can keep the whole space a lot ti­dier too!

1 In­clude a work­bench so you've got plenty of room to work and keep your bench­top tools. Lin­ing the walls with ply­wood means you can hang stuff just about any­where, giv­ing you a greater range of stor­age op­tions. You can also per­son­alise it with man cave dec­o­rat­ing.

2 Max­imise the stor­age power of your garage with a few sets of steel shelv­ing racks. Store heavy and bulky items down low so there's no hard lift­ing and keep like-items to­gether with plas­tic stor­age crates.

3, 4 A comfy couch and a wide-screen TV are a man's must-haves! Fancy adding some­thing else? Just ad­just the size of the walls to in­crease the ra­tio of re­lax­ation.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy PROVERB

BUILD YOUR OWN MAN CAVE Gather your sup­plies

• Wall plates, studs, nog­gings and block­ing 70 x 45mm H2 treated pine

• 820mm cav­ity door unit to suit 70mm wall frame

• Ceil­ing bat­tens 70 x 35mm H2 treated pine

• Wall and ceil­ing lin­ing 2400 x 1200 x 12mm CD ply­wood

• Ar­chi­trave 64 x 19mm dressed pine

• Skirt­ing and cor­nice

42 x 19mm dressed pine

• 820mm in­ter­nal door

You’ll also need

Sugar soap; stiff broom; pres­sure washer; de­greaser; chalk­line; power saw; nail gun and nails; drill; 10mm ma­sonry drill bit; 100 x 10mm ma­sonry screws; ratchet; spirit level; hitch brack­ets; nails and screws, var­i­ous sizes; hand­saw; acrylic un­der­coat; paint­ing equip­ment; con­struc­tion ad­he­sive; Du­lux Wash & Wear low sheen in­te­rior paint in Raku; Berger

Jet Dry paving paint in Regal Fortress; Dunlop Damp-proof wa­ter­proof mem­brane; car­pet un­der­lay; car­pet; car­pet cover strip; Du­lux Aqua­namel semi gloss in Raku; pen­dant and LED down­lights

FOR YOU TO NOTE When us­ing power tools, wear all safety gear re­quired and re­fer to your prod­uct in­struc­tions.

Here’s how

STEP 1 Clear out garage. Us­ing a sugar soap so­lu­tion, scrub floor with a stiff broom. Rinse with pres­sure washer. Re­move oil stains us­ing a de­greaser. Leave to dry.

STEP 2 Mark out po­si­tion of wall frames on floor us­ing a chalk­line.

STEP 3 Re­fer­ring to wall frame di­a­gram (op­po­site), con­struct stud frame walls to cre­ate the man cave. In­clude an open­ing for cav­ity slid­ing door in 1 wall. (For com­plete step-by-step in­struc­tions on build­ing a stud par­ti­tion wall, check out the project sheet, op­po­site).

STEP 4 Lift wall frames into po­si­tion to meet line chalked on floor in Step 2. At each end of walls, on ei­ther side of door, and every 900mm be­tween these points, drill holes and at­tach frame to floor us­ing 10mm ma­sonry screws, tight­en­ing with ratchet.

STEP 5 Make walls plumb. Nail frames to­gether and through end studs into ex­ist­ing wall frames.

STEP 6 Se­cure top of wall by at­tach­ing a wall hitch bracket to top plate and into ceil­ing joists. Where wall is par­al­lel to ceil­ing joists, cut block­ing to fit be­tween ceil­ing joists and nail hitch bracket into them.

STEP 7 Use hand­saw to cut out bot­tom plate in door open­ing. In­stall cav­ity slid­ing door unit in open­ing fol­low­ing man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions.

STEP 8 In man cave, nail ceil­ing bat­tens to ceil­ing joists. Place a bat­ten ad­ja­cent to walls and space oth­ers be­tween these every 600mm. En­sure bat­ten and end of a full ply­wood sheet co­in­cide to pro­vide a fix­ing point for sheet.

STEP 9 Have a li­censed elec­tri­cian run ca­bles for power points and lighting, as re­quired.

STEP 10 Un­der­coat 1 face of ceil­ing lin­ing sheets and let dry. Spread con­struc­tion ad­he­sive along ceil­ing

bat­tens for 1 sheet and hold sheet up. Nail to hold, then screw sheet to bat­tens. Re­peat to line en­tire ceil­ing, cut­ting sheets as re­quired. Ap­ply 2 coats of in­te­rior paint to ceil­ings, al­low­ing to dry af­ter each coat.

STEP 11 Cut wall sheets to suit height of new and ex­ist­ing walls. On ex­ist­ing walls, nail block­ing be­tween wall plates and nog­gings to pro­vide a fix­ing point for sheet edges. Spread con­struc­tion ad­he­sive along studs and press sheet ver­ti­cally onto wall. Nail into wall studs, plates and block­ing. Cut sheets to fit into corners and around doors and win­dows. When fix­ing lin­ings to cav­ity door unit, screw into rails on unit so nails don’t pro­trude into cav­ity.

STEP 12 Ap­ply 2 coats paving paint to work­shop area of garage. Al­low to dry af­ter each coat.

STEP 13 To pre­vent the con­crete slab in the man cave get­ting damp, ap­ply 2 coats of wa­ter­proof mem­brane us­ing a brush and roller.

STEP 14 Fit car­pet un­der­lay to man cave floor. Fol­low with car­pet, cut­ting to fit tight to edges of room. At door, cut car­pet so edge will sit un­der door. Fix car­pet cover strip over cut edge.

STEP 15 Cut ar­chi­traves to fit around door open­ings and any win­dows. Use short nails over cav­ity door unit so they don’t pro­trude into the cav­ity.

STEP 16 Cut and fit skirt­ing around junc­tion of all walls and floor. In man cave, press skirt­ing hard into car­pet be­fore nail­ing to hold it in po­si­tion. Use short nails along cav­ity slid­ing door unit so they don’t pro­trude into the door cav­ity.

STEP 17 Cut and fit cor­nice to fit around junc­tion of wall and ceil­ing in man cave.

For a match­ing fin­ish in work­shop, nail cor­nice around top of walls there too.

STEP 18 Un­der­coat, then ap­ply 2 coats of wa­ter-based enamel to door. Al­low to dry af­ter each coat. Fit sup­plied fix­ing clips to top of door and hang in cav­ity slid­ing door unit. Cut and fit sup­plied pel­met to top of door frame to hide top of door and slid­ing track.

STEP 19 Have an elec­tri­cian in­stall power points and lighting as re­quired.











Psst, it has a se­cret door!

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