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STEP 1 With pointy end of hat base point­ing to­ward you, glue cen­tre of mauve flower onto base, 4cm in from tip and about 5mm to the left. Glue cen­tre of a rose 3cm from left edge of base and 4cm along from mauve flower. Glue sec­ond rose 3cm in from base edge, about 4cm up from first rose and 1cm to the left of cen­tre back. STEP 2 Glue a clus­ter of biot feath­ers and 1 ma­genta feather be­tween mauve flower and pink rose.

STEP 3 Stitch to­gether quills of a clus­ter of feath­ers con­sist­ing of a large fawn feather, a large pink feather and 3 small ma­genta feath­ers. Glue this clus­ter onto base, po­si­tion­ing it up­right be­tween roses.

STEP 4 Glue a fawn, pink and ma­genta feather onto un­cov­ered sec­tion of base, cov­er­ing it in such a way as the feath­ers ex­tend be­yond it.

STEP 5 If cov­er­ing head­band with rib­bon, start­ing at 1 end of head­band, glue end of rib­bon to wrong side of head­band. Con­ceal­ing this glued end, di­ag­o­nally wind rib­bon firmly around head­band un­til you reach other end. Snip rib­bon then glue snipped end to wrong side of head­band.

STEP 6 With fas­ci­na­tor wrong­side up and pointy end of base point­ing to­ward you, glue head­band onto it – slightly left of cen­tre and across its mid­dle.

STEP 7 Us­ing nee­dle and thread, gather up 2 short and 1 long edge of veil­ing to form a semi cir­cle. Pin veil­ing to base un­der flow­ers and feath­ers, start­ing at right of mauve flower and fin­ish­ing at back of first rose. Check fit and hand-stitch in place.

STOCK­ISTS Spotlight: Hat base; head­band; veil­ing, feath­ers; faux flow­ers; gen­eral sewing sup­plies.







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