You can eas­ily cus­tomise this de­sign – just check all com­po­nents against the unit as it is be­ing built, be­fore cut­ting them to size.

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Gather your sup­plies

Ka­boo­dle Kitchen 600mm oven cab­i­net, 200mm base cab­i­net with door and raw end pan­els (2); 800mm MDF book­case; finegrit sand­pa­per; acrylic primer; Du­lux Aqua­namel Semi Gloss in Max­imus; paint­ing tools; screws, to suit; drill and bits; clamps; pine balustrade, to suit; saw; PVA glue; 42 x 31mm primed pine, to suit; wood filler; timber turned legs (2); kick­board, to suit; en­gi­neered stone bench­top, to suit; white sil­i­cone; 600mm oven

Here’s how

STEP 1 As­sem­ble cab­i­nets but don’t at­tach door just yet. STEP 2 Lightly sand MDF book­case. Wipe away dust. Ap­ply primer. Let dry. Ap­ply 2 coats of Aqua­namel. Let dry af­ter each coat.

STEP 3 Butt to­gether oven and base cab­i­nets. Make level, then screw to­gether.

STEP 4 Clamp book­case to cab­i­net assem­bly. Make level, then screw to­gether.

STEP 5 Mea­sure and mark balustrade to make rect­an­gle­shaped frame. Use saw to mitre­cut cor­ners. Glue and screw to­gether. Mea­sure, mark and cut 42 x 31mm pine to sit within frame. Th­ese pine sup­ports must sit be­low top edge of frame to al­low for thick­ness of bench­top. Glue and screw sup­ports about 450mm apart width­ways. Fix 1 sup­port length­ways where frame ex­tends be­yond top of cab­i­nets. Fill holes.

STEP 6 Re­peat method in step 2 to paint frame and legs.

STEP 7 With a helper, po­si­tion frame on cab­i­net assem­bly.

STEP 8 Po­si­tion 1 leg in each cor­ner of frame, away from

cab­i­nets. Make level. Clamp frame to legs and cab­i­nets.

STEP 9 Screw through legs into frame, and through cab­i­nets into frame.

STEP 10 Re­peat method in step 2 to paint ex­posed parts of cab­i­nets, door, end pan­els and kick­board. Let dry.

STEP 11 With a helper, put bench­top in po­si­tion.

STEP 12 Ap­ply sil­i­cone to gap be­tween bench­top and frame. Let set.

STEP 13 Fit door and end pan­els. Mea­sure, cut and fit kick­board.

STEP 14 Get elec­tri­cian to make pro­vi­sion for oven, and in­stall.







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