It’s easy! Just thread a mix of drift­wood, cut­tle­bones and balls of air-dry clay onto a metal ring.

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Gather your sup­plies

• 500mm-dia gal­vanised metal ring

• Air-dry mod­el­ling clay

• Du­lux Duramax spray paint in Matt Black

• Black raf­fia

You’ll also need

Drop sheet; wire cut­ters; metal skewer; as­sorted nat­u­ral items (we used cut­tle­bones and drift­wood); Dremel ro­tary tool or drill and drill bit; gaf­fer tape; screw or cup hook


• You can buy cut­tle­bones from pet shops and as­sorted drift­wood pieces from craft stores.

• Please don’t col­lect nat­u­ral items from beaches or re­serves with­out per­mis­sion to do so.

Here’s how

STEP 1 Lay out drop sheet in your work area. Us­ing wire cut­ters, snip open metal ring in one spot. Set to the side. STEP 2 Roll about 2 ta­ble­spoons of air-dry clay into a ball us­ing the palms of your hands. Re­peat to make as many balls as de­sired (here, 8 balls were re­quired).

STEP 3 Pierce cen­tre of each ball with metal skewer.

STEP 4 Set pierced balls of clay to the side. Let dry, fol­low­ing prod­uct di­rec­tions.

STEP 5 Us­ing Dremel or drill fit­ted with drill bit, drive a neat hole through each nat­u­ral item. Keep in mind the de­sired po­si­tion of item on metal ring and lo­cate holes ac­cord­ingly. When drilling through cut­tle­bones, drill through por­ous side (not shiny side).

STEP 6 Coat clay balls with spray paint. Spray one side, let dry, then turn balls to coat other side. Re­peat to ap­ply 2 coats of paint to each ball.

STEP 7 Thread a mix of nat­u­ral items and painted balls onto metal hoop, as de­sired. Cut an 8cm length of gaf­fer tape. Close up gap in wire with one hand, then wrap tape around cut us­ing other hand.

STEP 8 To avoid hang­ing the wreath at fault line (where tape has been ap­plied), shift items on hoop to one side (about 10cm) so top point of wreath is solid wire.

STEP 9 Tightly wrap ex­posed wire hoop with raf­fia. Cut raf­fia with scis­sors and tie off when all of wire hoop is cov­ered.

STEP 10 Hang wreath from a screw or a cup hook in your wall.

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