HOW TO LOSE YOUR love han­dles

Got love han­dles? Want ’em gone? You’ll need a lit­tle el­bow grease, so to speak, but it can be done!

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hmmm, love han­dles. Let’s con­sider that ex­pres­sion for a sec. It’s ba­si­cally a cutesy name for some­thing that’s not cute at all. We know cute when we see it and, sadly, de­posits of ex­cess fat in the hip, bum and up­per thigh area just don’t fit the bill. They ruin the line of a fig­ure-hug­ging frock and make it tough to slip on a pair of favourite skinny jeans. Now, are love han­dles the biggest prob­lem in the world? Of course not! So, as wor­ries go, love han­dles are merely an an­noy­ance. Nev­er­the­less, if you want them gone, you can start here, with th­ese food and ex­er­cise tips. For op­ti­mum fat loss, ded­i­cate your­self to con­sum­ing:

• Lean pro­teins. Think lean chicken, beef, pork and fish. Grill it, toss it in a stir-fry, steam it or bake it.

• Lots of fresh, colour­ful pro­duce in­clud­ing dark leafy greens, as­para­gus, zuc­chini, red and yel­low cap­sicum, car­rots, cab­bage, cau­li­flower, beet­root, broc­coli, toma­toes and onions. Roast­ing ve­g­ies in a lit­tle ex­tra vir­gin olive oil is a del­ish way to up your in­take.

• Low-sugar fruits and no more than three serves per day. Rasp­ber­ries, straw­ber­ries, grape­fruit, ki­wis and wa­ter­melon are among the low­est in sugar.

• Herbs, spices and nat­u­ral flavour­ings to boost taste. You can never go wrong with gar­lic pow­der, red chilli flakes, pep­per­corns, pa­prika, cumin and good old lemon juice.

• A couple of serves of healthy fats in your daily diet. Nuts, av­o­cado, eggs, olive oil, co­conut oil, full-fat yo­ghurt, cheese and olives are all good choices.

• Grain foods (such as bread, rice and pasta).

Note that fi­bre-rich whole­grains are di­gested more slowly and pro­tect against in­sulin spikes.

• Nix pro­cessed foods. That means fast food, pies, pre-cooked/pre-pack­aged meals, deli meats, hot dogs, cakes, bick­ies, lol­lies, pas­tries and ice-cream. Sorry!

• Fewer adult bev­er­ages. An av­er­age full-strength beer has 550kj, and wine about 500kj.

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