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1 King prawns

The name doesn’t re­fer to their size, as they do come in var­i­ous sizes – it ac­tu­ally refers to the re­gal blue colour on the tip of their tail, seen when they are in their raw state. Com­monly sold as both cooked and green.

2 Tiger prawns

Iden­ti­fied by the tiger-like stripes on their body, they are grey, blue and black in colour when raw, and bright red when cooked. Thanks to the vi­brant red colour which emerges when cooked, tiger prawns are a ter­rific choice for serv­ing up icy cold on a bed of ice with dip­ping sauces. Their flavour is milder than that of king prawns, but stronger than ba­nana prawns, mak­ing them per­fect for eat­ing just as they are. Com­monly sold cooked.

3 Ba­nana prawns

Aptly named as they have a slightly yel­low­ish tinge when raw, es­pe­cially on their legs. They have a sweet mild flavour and are gen­er­ally the most af­ford­able of the va­ri­eties. They are nor­mally sold larger, and are a great choice for cook­ing. Com­monly sold green, but also avail­able cooked.

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