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Give your home a mag­nif­i­cent aroma with a home­made can­dle

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with the strike of a match, you’ll be amazed how a scented can­dle can el­e­vate your ex­pe­ri­ence of be­ing at home. A mag­nif­i­cent aroma can trans­port you to far­away places, and has great re­lax­ation ben­e­fits, too. Here’s an over­view of the can­dle-mak­ing process, plus a few ready-to-burn favourites.

HOW TO MAKE A SOY WAX CAN­DLE Gather your sup­plies

Hot glue gun and glue sticks; wicks with tabs, size to suit; heat-safe small ce­ramic bowl or glass ves­sel; wick bar hold­ers; clothes pegs; soy wax; old saucepan; can­dle ther­mome­ter; heat-proof jug; fra­grance oil; stir­rer; scis­sors; safety la­bels

NOTES Re­fer to cho­sen prod­uct pack for vari­a­tion in direc­tions. For ease of use, shop for kits with pre-mea­sured sup­plies.

Here’s how

STEP 1 Us­ing hot glue, at­tach tab of wick to in­side base of ves­sel. For wide-mouth ves­sels, you can at­tach 2 wicks, evenly spaced apart. Let dry. STEP 2 Thread top of wick through hole in wick bar holder. Rest ends of wick bar holder on edge of ves­sel. This holds wick up­right when pour­ing wax. Re­peat for all wicks used, if re­quired. Use pegs to keep wicks taut.

STEP 3 Us­ing ca­pac­ity of ves­sel as a guide, es­ti­mate how much wax you need. Place wax in saucepan on low heat. Note, some wax types will re­quire the dou­ble-boiler method.

STEP 4 Bring wax to 80ºc–85ºc. Use ther­mome­ter to check temp. The pour temp varies from wax to wax, so check packet for this info.

STEP 5 Check flash­point of cho­sen fra­grance. Trans­fer melted wax to jug when at re­quired temp. Add fra­grance oil to jug. Fra­grance load can be any­where from 6 to 10 per cent of soy wax quan­tity. Stir well for 2 min­utes.

STEP 6 Pour wax into ves­sel when it reaches re­quired temp (usu­ally about 55ºc). Al­low wax to set, undis­turbed, for 24 hours.

STEP 7 Us­ing scis­sors, trim wick to 6–7mm from sur­face of wax.

STEP 8 Stick safety la­bel to un­der­side of ves­sel.



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