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folded edge with an edge stitch. Re­peat with the other side. STEP 8

Fold the top edge of the body ½ inch to­ward the wrong side and press. Now fold the top edge 2 inches to­wards the wrong side and press. Take the straps at­tached to the back. Cross over the straps so that from the back it looks like they form a cross. Tuck 1 short raw edge of 1 Strap piece into the top hem of the Body, pin in place. Sew along the seam, back­stitch­ing at the be­gin­ning and end of the seams

Fold the bot­tom edge of the apron ¼ inch to­wards the wrong side and press. Fold the bot­tom edge 1 inch to­wards the wrong side, press and pin. Sew the edge down with an edge stitch.

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