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Roses look del­i­cate but they are re­ally quite hardy plants. You can grow a range of rose va­ri­eties in most cli­mate zones around Aus­tralia, ex­cept for trop­i­cal ar­eas. If you fol­low their sim­ple plant­ing guide­lines and meet their main­te­nance needs, you’ll be re­warded with tough, long-lived plants that will keep on giv­ing. And the more roses you grow, the more you’ll have to cut and show in­doors, too!

PO­SI­TION Choose an open spot that gets at least six hours of sun a day and doesn’t get shady un­til after 3pm.

SOIL Roses love rich, or­ganic, welldraine­d soil. Pre­pare the soil a few weeks be­fore plant­ing by fork­ing in com­post and aged ma­nure.

Are you peachy keen for un­usual shades? Try the flori­bunda roses ‘Apri­cot Nec­tar’ or ‘Desert Is­land’ for a change from the clas­sic pinks and reds.

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