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Many mod­ern roses are bred to be very dis­ease-re­sis­tant, but you should still watch for these two things.

APHIDS are sap-suck­ing in­sects that clus­ter around flower buds. Pick them off and squash by hand or use a low-tox­i­c­ity prod­uct. You can also make your own spray with two ta­ble­spoons of soap flakes and one litre of wa­ter.

POW­DERY MILDEW is a fun­gal prob­lem that af­fects roses, es­pe­cially dur­ing hu­mid weather. Look for a white or grey film on the tops and un­der­sides of leaves. Spray with Yates Rose Gun Ad­vanced.

10 Have a glass jar or three? Fill them with roses and hang by the han­dle from trees or per­go­las for lovely liv­ing de­cos. PS, tie rope around the necks to zhoosh up the jars.

Add drama to your patch with deep red roses. For vi­o­let tones, try the stun­ning hy­brid tea ‘Dark De­sire’ or go for the bur­gundy hued dou­ble cupped blooms of climber ‘Red Pierre’.

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