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Just slice, chop and pop in­gre­di­ents in the pot, but re­mem­ber – no peek­ing

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Clean your ap­pli­ance Chances are your slow cooker has been gath­er­ing dust for 12 months, so en­sure you give it a good clean – that in­cludes the bowl and the lid. Also, re­move the bowl and use a damp cloth to clean the in­side of the ap­pli­ance.

Keep the lid closed You’ll need to use all of your willpower to do this but it’s very im­por­tant be­cause the minute you open the lid, all the heat that has been build­ing up in the bowl will es­cape and you will need to add 30 min­utes to the cook­ing time. Re­sist the urge, it’s worth it in the end.

Watch the liq­uid When slow cook­ing in an ap­pli­ance, you re­ally don’t need much liq­uid. So stick to the liq­uid quan­ti­ties stated in the recipe.

Cook and freeze Only cook­ing for one or two peo­ple? Don’t halve the recipe, go ahead and make the full batch, as slow-cooked food is per­fect for freez­ing and en­joy­ing at a later date. You are al­ready us­ing the elec­tric­ity for eight hours, so you might as well make the most of it. Plus, the best thing is, you’ll have a de­li­cious meal on hand for those nights when you can’t be both­ered cook­ing, or per­haps you could sur­prise a friend or fam­ily mem­ber with a home­cooked din­ner. Share the love!

Oven vs slow cooker If you like the look of an oven-baked recipe but you’d like to make it in a slow cooker ap­pli­ance, you can. Just re­duce the liq­uid by one-third, so you won’t have ex­cess liq­uid at the end of the cook­ing process. And, if you like the look of a slow-cooker ap­pli­ance recipe but you’d like to cook it in the oven, the best rule to fol­low is to dou­ble the amount of liq­uid.

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