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Cre­ate a cheer­ful bas­ket of blooms for in­stant sea­sonal colour. PS, to lower the level of the sus­pended bas­ket, use a 30cm metal ‘S’ hook.

Gather your sup­plies

• Pun­nets of an­nual seedlings

• Co­conut fi­bre liner

• Metal hang­ing bas­ket

• Pot­ting mix

STEP 1 Wa­ter the plants in the pun­net at least half an hour be­fore you start, to make them eas­ier to re­move. Add the liner to the bas­ket, then partly fill with pot­ting mix, us­ing a trowel. STEP 2 Re­move the plants and po­si­tion in the bas­ket to cre­ate a dense ef­fect. Scoop out mix from the bas­ket as re­quired, so the top soil level will sit at least 2cm be­low the lip of the bas­ket.

STEP 3 Use a trowel to in­fill the gaps with more pot­ting mix, then wa­ter in well.

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