Line ’em up! Cre­ate a noughts and crosses board for the kids

Three in a row and you’re the win­ner!

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fun games for kids don’t have to be big and com­pli­cated – the sim­plest ones are of­ten the best! You can bring the clas­sic game of noughts and crosses off the page and into three di­men­sions with this sim­ple project.

Gather your sup­plies

• Sides, rails and di­viders 42 x 19mm x 1.8m dressed pine (2)

• Back 900 x 600 x 3mm MDF

• Blocks 112 x 112 x 925mm primed treated pine

• Let­ters X and O, MDF (9 each)


• Long sides 42 x 19 x 430mm dressed pine (2)

• Short sides 42 x 19 x 392mm dressed pine (2)

• Rails 42 x 19 x 392mm dressed pine (2)

• Di­viders 42 x 19 x 118mm dressed pine (6)

• Back 430 x 430 x 3mm ply­wood

• Blocks 112 x 112 x 100mm primed treated pine (9) You’ll also need Mea­sur­ing tape; pen­cil; drill; 1.5mm drill bit; 40mm x 2mm nails; ham­mer; PVA glue; acrylic un­der­coat, Du­lux Aqua­namel semi gloss in Vivid White, Cin­derella Pink and Green Grap­ple; paint­brush; 20mm nails; nail punch; wood putty; sand­pa­per; hand­saw; artist’s brush For you to note • To paint all items, un­der­coat first, let dry and then ap­ply 2 coats of enamel, al­low­ing to dry after each coat.

• For a bud­get op­tion, scrounge around for post of­f­cuts for the blocks. Ad­just di­men­sions of board to suit, if a dif­fer­ent size.

Here’s how

STEP 1 Along 1 face of 1 long side, mea­sure and mark cen­tres of short sides and rails. Work­ing from 1 end, make marks at 9, 146, 283 and 421mm. Drill 2 pilot holes at each mark with 1.5mm bit. Tap 40mm nails into each hole. Re­peat for other long side. STEP 2 Spread glue on 1 end of 1 short side. Butt into long side flush with its end and nail to­gether. Re­peat to at­tach other short side onto other end of long side.

STEP 3 Spread glue on 1 end of 1 rail. Butt into long side so gap to short side is 118mm. Nail through long side into rail. Re­peat to at­tach sec­ond rail to this long side.

STEP 4 Turn assem­bly over and spread glue on ex­posed ends of short sides and rails. Place sec­ond long side on these and nail to­gether. En­sure gap be­tween short sides and rails is 118mm.

STEP 5 Along short sides and rails, mea­sure and mark cen­tres of di­viders. Work­ing from out­side of long rail, mark points and drill pilot holes at 146mm and 283mm. Drill from cen­tre side of rail to­wards out­side of box and on a slight an­gle.

STEP 6 Spread glue on each end of di­vider and po­si­tion in gap be­tween rail and short side. En­sure gap be­tween di­vider and long side is 118mm. Drive nails through pilot holes into di­vider. Re­peat with 3 more di­viders.

STEP 7 Paint 1 face of back in Vivid White. Spread glue on edges of sides and rails and sit back on top. Align with edges of sides and use 20mm nails to at­tach.

STEP 8 Spread glue on 1 edge and ends of re­main­ing di­viders. Place in gap be­tween rails in cen­tre of box and align with di­viders al­ready in­stalled. Leave to set.

STEP 9 Punch nails, fill with wood putty, let dry then sand smooth. Re­move dust then paint in Vivid White.

STEP 10 Use hand­saw to cut blocks out of length of pine post.

STEP 11 Sand blocks and round cor­ners. Re­move dust then paint in Cin­derella Pink.

STEP 12 Paint let­ters in

Green Grap­ple. Use artist’s brush to paint edges.

STEP 13 Ap­ply glue to back of let­ters. Place on face of block with end grain show­ing. Place a dif­fer­ent let­ter on op­po­site face of block.

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