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Turn an old tim­ber cof­fee ta­ble into a de­signer piece with just foam and fab­ric. PS, the but­ton-top up­hol­stery ef­fect is su­per easy.

Gather your sup­plies

• Cof­fee ta­ble

• 9mm MDF

• 75mm foam

• Quilt wadding

• Up­hol­stery-grade fab­ric

• Up­hol­stery but­tons

You’ll also need

Cir­cu­lar saw; tape mea­sure; marker; scis­sors; sta­ple gun; 75mm but­ton head wood screws and wash­ers to fit; cord­less drill; hot-glue gun

STEP 1 Mea­sure and cut MDF and foam to size of table­top us­ing a cir­cu­lar saw and scis­sors.

STEP 2 Po­si­tion foam on MDF, draw a square grid pat­tern, then mark the but­ton points and snip with scis­sors.

STEP 3 Cut all the way through foam at but­ton points to make holes.

STEP 4 Cut wadding and fab­ric to go over both foam and MDF with enough over­hang to go un­der MDF.

STEP 5 Lay wadding over foam and press it into each but­ton hole.

STEP 6 Turn over or on the side to sta­ple wadding to MDF, then lay flat to po­si­tion fab­ric over wadding with an even over­hang all around.

STEP 7 Lo­cate the but­ton holes through the fab­ric and press scis­sor point into it to make a small screw hole. STEP 8 Thread wash­ers onto screws and in­sert in but­ton holes.

STEP 9 Drill screws in place at ev­ery but­ton hole, tak­ing care not to go all the way through MDF.

STEP 10 Lay padded top on ta­ble and drill a few screws down fur­ther to grab table­top. Turn ta­ble up­side down and sta­ple fab­ric in place around the sides.

STEP 11 Hot-glue up­hol­stery but­tons over each screw.








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