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STEP 5 Join back­ing fab­ric to mea­sure 4in larger all around than quilt top. Cut bat­ting to same size. Sand­wich bat­ting in be­tween quilt top (face up) and back­ing fab­ric (face down). Baste quilt sand­wich. STEP 6 Quilt as de­sired. Trim quilt square. At­tach bind­ing.

CUSH­ION Gather your sup­plies

• 1 house block, 10.5 x 10in (25.5 x 27cm)

• Sash­ing for front, 2 – 10 x 2in strips (25.5 x 5cm) for the top; 2 – 13 x 2in strips (33 x 5cm) for the sides • 35cm square fab­ric for cush­ion back • Cush­ion in­sert

Here’s how

STEP 1 Make House Block, see in­struc­tions on page 142.

STEP 2 Sew 2 short sash­ing strips, 1 to the left and 1 to the right of house block. Press open. Sew 2 long sash­ing strips, 1 to the top and 1 to the bot­tom of the house block. Press open. This com­pletes cush­ion cover front.

STEP 3 Cut cush­ion back fab­ric same size as cush­ion front. With right sides fac­ing, sew 3 sides to­gether. Leave 1 side open. Turn cush­ion cover right side out. Place cush­ion in­sert in­side cover. Hand-sew open­ing closed.


Gather your sup­plies

• 1 house block about 10.5 x 10in (25.5 x 27cm)

• 12cm dia. wooden bag han­dles • Card­board strip, 3.5 x 12in

(9 x 30.5cm) • Sewing pins; cut­ting mat; quilt­ing ruler; ro­tary cut­ter; scis­sors; PVA glue

Fab­ric re­quired/cut­ting

For white sash­ing around block

• 2 – 12.5 x 1.5in strips (32 x 4cm) for sides

• 1 – 10.5 x 1.5in (27 x 4cm) strip for top • 1 – 10.5 x 2in strip (27 x

5cm) for bot­tom

Side pan­els in a print fab­ric

• 2 – 4 x 14in (10.5 x 38cm)

Bot­tom panel – light­weight denim

• 1 – 4 x 12.5in (10.5 x 35cm)

Back piece – light­weight denim

• Same size as fin­ished front piece

Lin­ing fab­ric – light­weight denim

• 2 – 13 x 14in (33cm x 35cm) wide pan­els (front and back piece)

• 2 – 4 x 14in (10.5 x 38cm) strips for side pan­els

• 1 – 4 x 12.5in (10.5 x 35cm) strip for bot­tom

Han­dle tabs in print fab­ric

• 2 – 2.5 x 10in strips

Here’s how

STEP 1 Make House Block, see in­struc­tions on page 142.

STEP 2 Sew top sash­ing strip to top of House Block. Press open. Sew bot­tom sash­ing strip to bot­tom of House Block. Press open. Sew 2 side sash­ing strips to house block, 1 to the left and 1 to the right of House Block. Press open.

STEP 3 Sew a side panel onto each short side of bot­tom panel. Press open. This will give you 1 long strip with the bot­tom panel sit­u­ated in the cen­tre.

STEP 4 Mark cen­tre of long strip with a pin on both long sides. Mark cen­tre of front panel on bot­tom edge with a pin. With right sides fac­ing, align cen­tre marks of front panel with 1 edge of the long strip and pin to­gether.

STEP 5 Mea­sure in and mark ¼in (6mm) from left side of front panel bot­tom. Start­ing where marked, stitch across bot­tom of front panel, stop­ping ¼in (6mm) from the edge. Press.

STEP 6 At­tach front panel to side pan­els. To do this, lay front panel right side up (with bot­tom edge fur­thest away from you). Fold right side panel strip up­wards, cre­at­ing a di­ag­o­nal fold (Di­a­gram 1). Hold­ing di­ag­o­nal fold in place with your fin­gers, bring side panel strip down in line with edge of bag front top, mak­ing a hor­i­zon­tal fold that aligns with the edge (Di­a­gram 2). Start sewing again at the top of hor­i­zon­tal fold, stitch­ing through all lay­ers. Re­peat for the left side.

STEP 7 At­tach back piece to bag bot­tom and sides as in Steps 5 and 6.

STEP 8 Re­peat Steps 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 to cre­ate bag lin­ing.

STEP 9 Glue card­board to the bot­tom in­side the bag.

STEP 10 Sew a ¼in (6mm) stay stitch around top of outer bag. Fold fab­ric edge into the wrong side along the stay stitch­ing and press. Re­peat this step for the lin­ing piece.

STEP 11 To cre­ate tabs to hold han­dles, sew long sides to­gether of

2 – 2.5 x 10in strips, right sides fac­ing. Turn right side out. Press. Cut this long strip in half to form 2 tabs.

STEP 12 With wrong side out, push bag lin­ing into bag so wrong sides are to­gether. Line up top seams of bag and lin­ing and pin in place.

STEP 13 Fold a tab in half. Mark cen­tre at front and back of bag at top. Cen­tring, slip 1 short end of tab be­tween bag front and lin­ing, pin to hold. Feed han­dle through tab, then slip tab end be­tween bag front and lin­ing again and pin through all 4 lay­ers. Re­peat for the back of bag.

STEP 14 Sew around top edge with a ¼in (6mm) seam, catch­ing hem and tabs. Reinforce stitch­ing at tabs.

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