Heav­enly hy­drangeas

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Hy­drangeas star in this dis­play, per­fect for a side ta­ble or a cen­tre­piece as it can be ad­mired from all an­gles. The big blooms, ar­ranged as a domed cross in a square ce­ramic pot, need lit­tle more sup­port than a few sprigs of lilac, berries and filler fo­liage.

Gather your sup­plies

Flo­ral foam brick, dry, 23 x 11 x 8cm Square ce­ramic flower pot, about 14 x 14 x 16cmh Mag­no­lia leaf (5388) x 2 Grey/red eu­ca­lyp­tus spray (5825GYRD) x 2 Blue hy­drangea stem (6225BL) x 5 Blue gar­den lilac (6094BL) x 3

Blue di­phylleia cy­mosa spray (6236BL) x 4 Skim­mia (5448CRGR) x 2 Green eu­ca­lyp­tus spray with seeds (6230) x 1

You’ll also need

Se­ca­teurs; knife; heavy-duty wire cut­ters

NOTE: Cut stems, as re­quired, to suit height of ar­range­ment as you go.

Here’s how

STEP 1 Ar­range flow­ers and fo­liage by type and colour on work sur­face. STEP 2 Cut and shave foam brick, shap­ing it to suit con­tainer. Aim for a snug fit, al­most level with the con­tainer.

STEP 3 Insert mag­no­lia fo­liage into foam, angling it so it’s in the cen­tre but left lean­ing. Insert other stem at back right cor­ner.

STEP 4 Di­vide grey/red eu­ca­lyp­tus to cre­ate 3 shoots. Evenly space 2 of th­ese shoots at the back of the ar­range­ment. Then, work­ing on the right-hand side, ar­range re­main­ing shoot at the front right, so it an­gles out to the right.

STEP 5 Work­ing within frame­work of fo­liage, insert 5 hy­drangeas into the foam, cre­at­ing a ‘cross’. Po­si­tion a tall hy­drangea in the cen­tre so head rests on leaves; 2 shorter stems at the sides so heads face out left and right, re­spec­tively; 1 short stem at cen­tre front and 1 at cen­tre back, with heads low and an­gled out­wards.

STEP 6 Fill gaps with lilacs and di­phylleia. En­sure 1 lilac is in­serted at front right cor­ner so it ap­pears to cas­cade down­ward. Add skim­mia to fill in gaps.

STEP 7 Bal­ance dis­play with green eu­ca­lyp­tus spray di­vided into 2 at left front and right back cor­ner.

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