5 clas­sic climbers

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1 climb­ing rose

Of­fer­ing a vast range of gor­geous colours to choose from, climb­ing roses are hard to re­sist. There’s va­ri­ety in the flower forms too, from dainty sin­gles, through to large multi-petalled blooms. Hav­ing long lax stems, rather than twist­ing ten­drils, climb­ing roses need to be tied onto their sup­port – they look fab­u­lous on per­go­las, posts and pil­lars. Many older va­ri­eties of rose bloom in spring only, while modern climbers will con­tinue to bloom well into sum­mer.

• Best zones: 2-7

• Po­si­tion: Sun

• De­cid­u­ous

Cover every post and pil­lar with sen­sa­tional flow­er­ing vines

2 pan­dorea

Bear­ing trum­pet-shaped flow­ers in pink or white, Pan­dorea jas­mi­noides is a fab­u­lous na­tive climb­ing plant. It’s a mod­er­ate grower, easy to keep in check, and ideal for cov­er­ing a per­gola or trel­lis. Easy to grow in any mild to trop­i­cal cli­mate, it needs mod­er­ate wa­ter­ing through the sum­mer months and is not frost hardy. There are a num­ber of lovely forms avail­able, in­clud­ing the pure white ‘Lady Di’.

• Best zones: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8

• Po­si­tion: Sun or light shade

• Ev­er­green

3 clema­tis

One of the loveli­est mem­bers of a large fam­ily of climb­ing plants, Clema­tis mon­tana bears masses of four-petalled flow­ers in shades of pink or white. Best suited to tem­per­ate or cold cli­mates, they’re quite vig­or­ous grow­ers and will eas­ily cover a wall, shed or frame. They favour a rich or­ganic soil and grow best when planted with their roots in the shade and their leaves in the sun.

• Best zones: 2, 3, 4, 6

• Po­si­tion: Sun

• De­cid­u­ous

4 wis­te­ria

Draped in glo­ri­ous sprays of mauve blooms, heavy with per­fume, wis­te­ria is im­pos­si­ble not to fall in love with. It’s one of the sig­na­ture plants of spring­time, and is easy to grow any­where out­side of trop­i­cal zones. Its only fault is that it can be a lit­tle too vig­or­ous in habit, so make sure you can give it plenty of space to spread – over a wall, fence or per­gola is ideal.

• Best zones: 2-6

• Po­si­tion: Sun

• De­cid­u­ous

5 har­den­ber­gia

Sprays of rich pur­ple flow­ers smother this lovely na­tive climber every spring, of­ten ap­pear­ing as early as Au­gust. Har­den­ber­gia is a com­pact grower which won’t get out of hand and is great for train­ing around per­gola posts, or over a fence or frame. Happy to grow in full sun or light shade, it will thrive in any av­er­age well-drained gar­den soil. There are also pink and white flow­er­ing forms avail­able.

• Best zones: 1-7

• Po­si­tion: Sun or light shade

• Ev­er­green

Look to na­tive plants for hardy but beau­ti­ful op­tions



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