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A minis­cape of shade-lov­ing plants is ideal for in­doors or a cov­ered out­door area.

Gather your sup­plies

Con­tainer Slate or stone paver Ferns, palms, moss and grass Peb­ble mulch

You’ll also need

Drill and bit; bagged gar­den soil mix; ham­mer; chisel


• Wear work gloves, gog­gles and a dust mask be­fore break­ing up slate or stone, to pro­tect your­self from sharp shards and dust.

• You can buy stone or slate pavers from gar­den cen­tres or hard­ware stores.

• Use bagged soil mix, not pot­ting mix or soil from your gar­den, as it can be com­pressed and formed to cre­ate a sta­ble base for the rocks.

STEP 1 Make drainage holes in your pot if needed, us­ing a drill and bit ap­pro­pri­ate for the ma­te­rial.

STEP 2 Fill pot with gar­den soil mix to about 20mm be­low the rim.

STEP 3 Wear­ing ap­pro­pri­ate safety gear, break up slate or stone paver. Slate is easy to work with, as you can split it along the strat­i­fied lay­ers us­ing a ham­mer and chisel.

STEP 4 Make a soil mound at back of pot and insert pieces of slate or stone in de­scend­ing height or­der to cre­ate cliffs, firm­ing soil around base to sta­bilise them.

STEPS 5, 6 Ar­range the plants still in their pots, po­si­tion­ing taller va­ri­eties at the back. When you’re happy with the ar­range­ment, take a photo for your ref­er­ence.

STEP 7 Make plant­ing holes and po­si­tion plants, back­fill­ing around them with soil. Lay stone shards flat with pre-moist­ened moss around them. Wa­ter in gen­tly us­ing a spray gun, then mulch.

Good things do come in small pack­ages, as th­ese lovely lit­tle land­scapes show

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