Gather your sup­plies

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• Bench frame 140 x 45mm x 5.4m (2) H3 treated pine • Wide leg frame

140 x 45mm x 3.0m

(1) H3 treated pine

• Leg frames, leg blocks and bench cleats

90 x 45mm x 5.4m

(2) H3 treated pine

• Up­per bench frame

190 x 45mm x 5.4m (1) and 3.6m (1) H3 treated pine

• Bar­be­cue sheets 1800 x 900 x 15mm com­pressed fi­bre ce­ment (1)

• Bench cladding

88 x 23mm x 5.4m (12) Mod­wood Sa­hara Deck­ing

You’ll also need

Cir­cu­lar saw with fence at­tach­ment; nail gun and nails; drill; 100mm bat­ten screws; clamp; an­gle grinder fit­ted with di­a­mond cut­ting blade; 5mm ma­sonry drill bit; 50mm deck­ing screws; black ex­te­rior paint; paint­ing equip­ment

For you to note

• When us­ing power tools, wear all safety gear re­quired and re­fer to your prod­uct in­struc­tions. • At 947mm high, the bench was de­signed to suit a tall per­son. Ad­just the height of the leg frames to re­duce the height of the bench and cut deck­ing boards for cladding ac­cord­ingly. • Di­men­sion for bar­be­cue open­ing to suit prod­uct pic­tured. Ad­just to suit the size of your bar­be­cue.

Here’s how

STEP 1 Con­struct the lower bench frame by sit­ting bench cross pieces (A) between bench sides (B) and nail­ing. Start with a cross piece at each end of sides. There are 3 cross pieces to sup­port the BBQ. The first of th­ese is 500mm from one end of the frame and fi­nal cross piece should fin­ish 900mm from the first. The third should be in the cen­tre of th­ese 2. Add 3 more cross pieces equally between cross piece sup­port­ing BBQ and far end. For ex­tra strength, screw through sides into cross pieces us­ing 100mm bat­ten screws. STEP 2 At end of lower bench frame where the BBQ will be, insert 2 leg blocks (C) on the flat so face of blocks are flush with bot­tom of frame. Place 1

block ad­ja­cent to end cross piece and the sec­ond on the cor­re­spond­ing side of the next cross piece. At other end of frame, po­si­tion third leg block ad­ja­cent to the cross piece at that end and screw in place. STEP 3 Con­struct leg frame by butting 2 leg cross pieces (D) into leg up­rights (E) flush with each end. Nail to hold then screw to­gether us­ing 100mm bat­ten screws. Re­peat to con­struct sec­ond leg frame. STEP 4 With bench frame sit­ting up­side down, place 1 leg frame on end cross piece and leg block at end near­est the BBQ. Make leg frame flush with out­side end of bench frame. Screw to­gether. Place sec­ond leg frame on ad­ja­cent cross piece and leg block so it is 410mm from the first and screw in place.

STEP 5 Use wide leg cross pieces (F) and wide leg up­rights (G) to build wide leg frame. At­tach to other end of bench flush with out­side end of frame.

STEP 6 Turn frame over so it is sit­ting on its legs. Place leg braces (H) in bot­tom cor­ners of leg frames and screw in place. En­sure leg frames are par­al­lel to each other.

STEP 7 Place lower bench frame in po­si­tion against per­gola posts and clamp. Screw through frame into posts. If free­stand­ing, hold bench in place us­ing ma­sonry an­chors through the leg frames into the con­crete be­low.

STEP 8 Insert re­main­ing leg cross pieces and wide leg cross piece into their re­spec­tive frames half­way up from the bot­tom.

STEP 9 Con­struct up­per bench frame by sit­ting up­per bench cross pieces (I) between up­per bench sides (J) and nail­ing. Make a cross piece flush with each end and space oth­ers evenly between th­ese. Strengthen frame by screw­ing to­gether us­ing 100mm bat­ten screws. Sit frame on lower bench frame and make flush with end. Join us­ing bench cleats (K) placed on inside of frames and nail through cleats into both frames. Use a pair of cleats to­wards each end of frames.

STEP 10 Con­struct short up­per bench frame by sit­ting 2 up­per bench cross pieces between short up­per bench sides (L) flush with each end and screw­ing to­gether.

STEP 11 Sit short up­per frame on bench frame and make flush with end. Place re­main­ing bench cleats on inside of frames and nail through cleats into both frames.

STEP 12 Us­ing an­gle grinder, cut bar­be­cue base sheet (M) and bar­be­cue side sheets (N) to size. Also cut a hole in base sheet to al­low ac­cess for BBQ gas hose. Slide base sheet in po­si­tion on lower bench frame in gap between up­per bench frames. Place side sheets against sides of up­per bench frame. Drill 5mm clear­ance holes through fi­bre ce­ment us­ing ma­sonry drill bit then screw sheets to frame with deck­ing screws.

STEP 13 Paint bench frame and vis­i­ble edges of fi­bre ce­ment in black.

STEP 14 Mea­sure for cladding along face of bench. At BBQ area, butt boards into fi­bre ce­ment sheets. At ends of frames, over­hang boards by 23mm. Cut boards to length and fix to face so top edge is 4mm be­low top of bench, predrilling and coun­ter­sink­ing as per man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. Con­tinue lay­ing boards be­low this leav­ing a 4mm gap between boards. For boards cov­er­ing legs, over­hang both sides of legs by 23mm.

STEP 15 Lay first board to top of bench so edge of board is flush with face boards. Over­hang ends of bench by 23mm. Con­tinue lay­ing boards leav­ing a 4mm gap between them.

STEP 16 Mea­sure and cut boards to sit ver­ti­cally on ends of frames and in­sides of legs. Leave a 4mm gap to boards on top of bench. Screw boards to bench so they align with the boards on top of the bench. Use a cir­cu­lar saw with fence at­tach­ment to cut boards along their length to fit at sides.

Why turn your out­door area into party cen­tral? If you build it they will come!

Gather your sup­plies

• 150 x 25mm sawn treated pine (shelv­ing and planter) • 100 x 50mm treated pine sleeper (blocks) • Ter­ra­cotta pots in var­i­ous sizes • Se­lec­tion of plants

You’ll also need

Char­coal ex­te­rior stain; paint­ing gear; mea­sur­ing tape; cir­cu­lar saw; drill and 4mm bit; 65mm treated pine screws; 100mm gal­vanised bat­ten screws; util­ity knife; un­der­coat; ex­te­rior acrylic paint in se­lected colours; gar­den soil mix; weed mat

For you to note

• Stain all ma­te­rial prior to cut­ting and as­sem­bly. • En­sure per­gola posts are H4 treated pine, which is suit­able for in-ground uses. If not, box around posts to iso­late them from the soil in the planter.

Here’s how

STEP 1 Mea­sure between per­gola posts that are far­thest apart to de­ter­mine width and height of shelf unit. Use saw to cut sides to length then top and bot­tom, al­low­ing for thick­ness of sides. Butt top and bot­tom into sides, predrill with 4mm bit then screw to­gether with 65mm screws.

STEP 2 De­ter­mine num­ber of pi­geon­holes, here roughly 400mm square. Deduct thick­ness of sides and di­viders from over­all mea­sure­ment then di­vide by num­ber of holes to find ex­act size. Cut di­viders to length. Us­ing 1 di­vider as a spac­ing block, butt di­viders into top and screw to­gether.

STEP 3 Butt shelf into open end of di­viders and screw to­gether. Butt more di­viders into this shelf so they align with those al­ready fixed. Predrill and screw on an an­gle through shelf into di­viders.

STEP 4 Re­peat Step 3 to add more di­viders, shelves and fi­nally the bot­tom of unit.

STEP 5 Lift unit into po­si­tion between per­gola posts. Screw through sides into posts us­ing 100mm bat­ten screws.

STEP 6 Mea­sure and cut treated pine to length for planter sides and ends, se­cur­ing butt joins with screws. For longer sides, use 2 lengths of pine and cut a cleat to fit over join on inside of planter, screw­ing into both sides of join.

STEP 7 Cut sleeper to length to cre­ate blocks. Insert blocks between sides of planter at per­gola posts. Screw through sides into blocks then through blocks into posts to se­cure planter edg­ing.

STEP 8 Use a knife to cut weed mat then lay on inside of planter, fill with gar­den mix and plant up.

STEP 9 Ap­ply un­der­coat to ter­ra­cotta pots and let dry. Fol­low with 2 coats of ex­te­rior acrylic, al­low­ing to dry af­ter each coat.

There’s loads of space to pre­pare a feast with a wide bench next to the bar­be­cue. Pots filled with tasty herbs look and smell great and are a big hit with guests.

High­light your hand­i­work by in­stalling LED strip light­ing un­der your bar­be­cue bench.

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