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• Value face-to-face time (look, no phone)

• Share air time without feel­ing the need to one-up the con­ver­sa­tion

• Call or text just to touch base

• Un­der­stand that life gets crazy some­times

• Re­mem­ber im­por­tant dates in your life

• Ask how your dad/mum/ Un­cle Steve is do­ing

• Re­mem­ber you were hav­ing scans/a job in­ter­view/a tough time with your kids

• Of­fer hon­est, non­judge­men­tal feed­back

• Don’t care if your house/hair is a mess

• Let you cry or whinge without need­ing to ‘fix’ you

• Pick up where you left off even if it’s been a while

• Are truly happy for you when good things hap­pen

• Apol­o­gise when they’ve m essed up


• Are ex­pert at the sub­tle dig or put-down. If you point it out they’ll say they ‘didn’t mean it that way’ or sug­gest you can’t ‘take a joke’

• Are needy and at­ten­tion seek­ing, so leave you feel­ing drained af­ter see­ing them or even just speak­ing to them on the phone

• Al­ways have a big­ger, bet­ter ‘me too’ story to share

• In­dulge in mean girl gos­sip (you bet­ter be­lieve they’re gos­sip­ing be­hind your back, too)

• Be­tray con­fi­dences

• Break prom­ises

• Some­thing al­ways comes up at the last minute to de­rail get­ting to­gether (Psst, you’re just the back-up plan)

• Are of­ten late but al­ways have a great ‘rea­son’ (aka lit­tle re­spect for your time)

• Never call first un­less they need some­thing

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