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Easy to work with, tum­bled pavers have the same earthy feel as stone, but cost less. So choose them!

Gather your sup­plies

• Gravel

• Tum­bled pavers in one size for base and one for top

You’ll also need

Tape mea­sure; shovel; 600-900mm level; rub­ber mal­let; brush; land­scape ad­he­sive

Here’s how

STEPS 1 Be­fore build­ing the bench in its fi­nal lo­ca­tion, put it to­gether for a ‘dry fit’ on a level sur­face. Make ad­just­ments as needed. Af­ter find­ing the de­sign you like, mea­sure the base of the bench.

STEPS 2 Mark the bench on the ground and ex­ca­vate 100-150mm deep in well­packed soil, mak­ing the hole a few cen­time­tres longer and wider than the bench base. Fill the hole with gravel and care­fully level it.

STEP 3 Lay the first course of pavers. As the foun­da­tion of your bench, it should be com­pletely level. Use a long level to spot pavers that are slightly lower or higher than the rest. If nec­es­sary, tap high pavers with a rub­ber mal­let or lift low pavers and fill un­der­neath.

STEP 4 Lay the sec­ond course, us­ing a dif­fer­ent pat­tern than the first one. Check all sides with a level to en­sure they’re plumb. With mal­let, tap pro­trud­ing pavers into place so they’re flush with the rest. Con­tinue lay­ing cour­ses of pavers un­til your de­sired bench height is reached.

STEP 5 Lay the top course of pavers. Mea­sure the over­hang to en­sure it’s the same along en­tire length of the ends and sides (op­po­site). Tap pavers with a mal­let to make mi­nor ad­just­ments.

STEP 6 Re­move 2 or 3 pavers from the top course, brush off any dust or loose ma­te­rial, and ap­ply a bead of land­scape ad­he­sive to at­tach the pavers (this will pro­vide a heavy-duty bond that will hold up to rain and sea­sonal changes). Give each paver a few gen­tle taps with the mal­let to en­sure good con­tact with the ad­he­sive.

STEP 6 Re­peat with an­other 2-3 pavers at a time so you main­tain the proper po­si­tion­ing of the top course. Let the ad­he­sive set for at least a day be­fore us­ing the bench. Fin­ish the scene by plant­ing your favourite or­na­men­tals next to the bench and adding mulch to con­ceal the ex­posed gravel around the base.







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