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There’s a lovely ex­pres­sion, ‘Let’s go Greek, en­daxi! Now it (very) loosely trans­lates to mean we all love a good Greek meal... and yes we do!

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one of the food trends we’re lov­ing right now is all of us are try­ing – no, in­deed fully in­tend­ing – to be­come cooking ex­perts in all man­ner of in­ter­na­tional cuisines. Asian recipes are en­joy­ing a real run for their money – we’re even rolling up sushi in sea­weed at home our­selves – who would have thought! And Ital­ian, of course, is right up there as a peren­nial favourite, Spag Bol be­ing in the top three or four recipes we cook each night across Aus­tralia. But Greek? It’s too de­li­cious for words but it’s a lit­tle un­sung and cer­tainly there are not enough Greek restau­rants across the coun­try to thrill our palates with the very tasty dishes. So to fix this right up and give you recipes which could and should right­fully nudge your good Spag Bol out of the way a few times a week, we are ‘go­ing Greek en­daxi’, which re­ally trans­lates to mean, Let’s go Greek, ok! So turn to page 94 and be­gin your jour­ney through a col­lec­tion of tra­di­tional favourites where you can ‘sim­mer, roast and grill you way through meat, seafood and ve­g­ies’ (how good does that sound?) and all with a healthy twist, hooray! Think about it. You can be­come a Gre­cian god­dess of mous­saka, sou­vlaki and more – I’m likin’ the sound of that – and de­light any­one and ev­ery­one who sits at your ta­ble. Then re­ally stand out and serve an easy one-bowl Greek yo­ghurt and le­mon cake with honey baked grapes and figs on page 102, for dessert, with a cup of tea, or any­time re­ally – you don’t need a rea­son. Yum! Go check the pages, pre­tend you’re on a Greek is­land and get cooking. Or even bet­ter, for­get the Greek is­land, take a look at all our gor­geous out­door liv­ing ideas be­gin­ning page 16, be in­spired for your own places and en­joy your fab­u­lous meals out there. Don’t miss the gar­den pages ei­ther and you’re set for the next few spring and sum­mer months ahead. En­joy and see you next is­sue.

You over mow­ing and not lov­ing your lawn so much any­more? Look what you can do! One of the loveli­est gar­den ideas ever. Lift the lawn, sow your seeds and watch them bloom. What to plant? See page 44. Gor­geous!

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Grow your own meadow of flow­ers. How ex­quis­ite!

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