Build a pyra­mid planter

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A cross be­tween a pagoda and pyra­mid, this raised planter has sev­eral lev­els of grow­ing space, so you can have a larger gar­den bed in a com­pact space. Choose the site, mak­ing sure it gets enough sun for your cho­sen plants, then cut tim­bers and slot to­gether, no screws needed!

Gather your sup­plies

• 5 lengths wet-sawn treated pine 150 x 25mm x 4.8m

• Gar­den soil mix

• Plants (here lil­ium, liri­ope, plec­tran­thus, loropetalum and na­tive vi­o­let)

You’ll also need

Tape mea­sure; com­bi­na­tion square; pen­cil or mark­ing pen; cir­cu­lar saw; jig­saw; rub­ber mal­let; spirit level; spade

Here’s how

STEPS 1 Make a tem­plate with shape of ends. On a short length, use cir­cu­lar saw to cut end at a 60° an­gle, then cut off cor­ner on long­est edge so it is square from the edge. Mark a 25mm wide and 40mm deep notch along bot­tom edge 105mm from end and cut out with jig­saw.

STEP 2 Use tem­plate to cut four base pieces 1500mm long. Mark notches but do not cut them.

STEP 3 To lock base pieces to­gether, cre­ate a halved joint. Us­ing po­si­tion of notch from tem­plate, mark and cut notches half­way across tim­ber. Do a pair of base pieces with notches go­ing from the bot­tom edge, and a pair with notches com­ing from the top edge.

STEP 4 Sit base pieces in po­si­tion and in­ter­lock the notches in the cor­ners. Use a rub­ber mal­let to knock them to­gether if the join is tight. Use a spirit level to make base level, ex­ca­vat­ing slightly if re­quired.

STEP 5 Use tem­plate to mark out and cut 2 more lengths of tim­ber so notches in bot­tom edge will sit over base pieces. Po­si­tion these on base pieces about 200mm from cor­ners.

STEP 6 Con­tinue mark­ing and cut­ting tim­ber to build up your pyra­mid. Po­si­tion each layer to cre­ate a steady rise that is pleas­ing to the eye.

STEP 7 To lock the top of the pyra­mid to­gether, cut notches half­way through each piece to cre­ate an­other halv­ing joint as you did to build the base pieces. Cut the ends of the in­ter­lock­ing pieces square so they over­hang the out­side of the fi­nal pieces by 25mm.

STEP 8 Fill pyra­mid planter with gar­den soil mix, plant up each level and wa­ter in well.







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