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Add in­stant en­ergy to your gar­den or court­yard with spray-painted ter­ra­cotta pipes. Find them on trad­ing sites like gumtree.com.au or at build­ing sal­vage yards.

Ap­ply a ter­ra­cotta sealer to the pipes, then two coats of ex­te­rior acrylic paint. When dry, sim­ply pop plas­tic plant pots in­side. If the lip of the pot doesn’t wedge into the pipe, add an up­turned brick for it to sit on.

Go for a mix of fo­liage plants and bloomers and just swap them when­ever you fancy a change!

To pre­vent soil from wash­ing out of the pipes dur­ing wa­ter­ing, cut geo­tex­tile fab­ric to fit the pipe base (see above) and se­cure it with con­struc­tion ad­he­sive.

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