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Give a greet­ing card the Santa suit treat­ment! All you need is pa­per, mark­ers, rib­bon and a glue stick. This jolly de­sign is a crowd pleaser.

Gather your sup­plies

• Red A4 pa­per board • White A4 pa­per board • Black A4 pa­per board • Sil­ver glit­ter card­stock • Gold marker pen • Black marker pen • Red rib­bon

You’ll also need

Self-heal­ing cut­ting mat; craft knife; metal ruler; pen­cil; scis­sors; glue stick

Here’s how

STEP 1 Lay red board on cut­ting mat and cut in half with a craft knife, us­ing ruler as a guide. Fold one piece in half to make the card.

STEP 2 Mea­sure card to draw 3 fur trim pieces on white board, and belt on black board. Cut out with scis­sors and craft knife. To make the buckle, draw a square on the back of sil­ver glit­ter card­stock 15mm taller than the belt, and 15mm wider than the cen­tre fur trim piece. Draw a smaller square in­side, mak­ing a 7.5mm bor­der. Cut out. STEP 3 Spread glue over back of the fur trims, belt and buckle. Po­si­tion on the card front to form Santa suit and press down firmly for a few sec­onds to ad­here. STEP 4 Use a gold marker pen to out­line the fur trims. Draw but­tons with a black marker and leave to dry. Add de­tail to the but­tons us­ing the gold marker, leav­ing 2 black dots for but­ton­holes. STEP 5 Tie a short length of rib­bon into a bow. Ap­ply glue to the back of the bow. Cen­tre bow on top of fur trim piece and press down firmly for a few sec­onds to ad­here.





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