Ev­ery­thing you need to know to make Christ­mas pa­per craft

Turn gor­geous giftwrap into or­na­ments, cards, wreaths, dec­o­ra­tions and more!

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CHRIST­MAS TREE STAR Gather your sup­plies

• BHG Christ­mas pa­pers in two de­signs • Green floristry wire • Craft glue

• Pen­cil

• Ruler

• Scis­sors • Dou­ble-sided tape • Sta­pler

• Sticky tape

Here’s how

STEP 1 Glue 2 sheets of pa­per to­gether to cre­ate dou­ble-sided pa­per.

STEP 2 Di­ag­o­nally fold a 13.5cm square sheet of pa­per twice, to cre­ate a tri­an­gle.

STEP 3 Draw 3 evenly spaced lines, par­al­lel to long side, across tri­an­gle.

STEP 4 Start­ing at the open edge of the tri­an­gle, cut along each of the lines, stop­ping about 1cm short of the folded edge.

STEP 5 Open out the cut pa­per tri­an­gle. Us­ing dou­ble-sided tape to se­cure them, bring up and over­lap the tips of the cen­tre square.

STEP 6 Turn the pa­per over, over­lap and stick to­gether the tips of the sec­ond square.

STEP 7 Turn the pa­per over, over­lap and stick to­gether the tips of the third square. Re­peat to stick to­gether the tips of the fourth square. You now have 1 curled star seg­ment.

STEP 8 Re­peat steps 2 to 7 and make a to­tal of 6 star seg­ments. Sta­ple the tips of 3 seg­ments to­gether where they touch with dou­ble-sided tape. Re­peat for the re­main­ing 3 seg­ments.

STEP 9 Sta­ple 2 halves of the star to­gether in the cen­tre. Use dou­ble sided tape to hold star halves to­gether where they touch.

STEP 10 At­tach green florist wire to the back of the star through the cen­tre with tape to se­cure.

COV­ER­ING A BOX Gather your sup­plies

• Gift box with lid

• BHG Christ­mas pa­per • Craft glue • Scis­sors

Here’s how

STEP 1 Mea­sure 2 op­po­site sides of the box, adding an ex­tra 5cm to the width and 7.5cm to the height. Us­ing this mea­sure­ment, cut 2 pieces of pa­per.

STEP 2 Mea­sure the other 2 sides of the box, adding 7.5cm to the height of each side. Us­ing this mea­sure­ment, cut out 2 pieces of pa­per.

STEP 3 Mea­sure the top of the lid and the depth of the lid sides, dou­ble the side mea­sure­ment and

add to the lid mea­sure­ment.

Cover the box

STEP 1 Ap­ply glue to the pa­per pieces then, smooth­ing out the pa­per as you go, at­tach to the box, en­sur­ing the pa­per over­hangs equally on all sides. STEP 2 At the cor­ners, cut ver­ti­cal slits in the pa­per to al­low you to fold the over­hang over the edges and cor­ners. Spread glue on the box, then press down all the over­hang­ing edges of the pa­per, stick­ing down the sides first, then over the top of the box and, fi­nally, the base. At­tach pa­per to the box lid

STEP 1 Place pa­per fac­ing wrong side up on a flat sur­face. Ap­ply glue to lid, then care­fully place it on the pa­per, tak­ing care to en­sure there is even over­lap all of the way around the lid. STEP 2 Turn the lid over and smooth out the pa­per as needed. Cut the cor­ner edges of the pa­per into a slit each side to make it easy to fold it over the cor­ners. Make very crisp creases when fold­ing the over­lap­ping pa­per, then glue the over­lap pieces over the sides of the lid, tuck­ing them un­der to com­plete the cover. Lin­ing the in­side of the box

STEP 1 Mea­sure the 5 sur­faces in­side of the box. Cut lin­ing pa­per to size and glue in place.

CARDS & EN­VE­LOPE Gather your sup­plies

• BHG Christ­mas pa­per

• Card stock in white, cream, red and glit­ter gold • White pa­per with words printed on home com­puter • Star sticker

• Sheet mu­sic

• Fiskars frozen squeeze punch

Here’s how

Tree card cut­ting in­struc­tions • White card 14.5 x 21cm

• 3 x tri­an­gle tree tem­plate in BHG Christ­mas pa­per • Cream card 9 x 13cm • Words on white pa­per (font of your choice) 6.5 x 1cm • Gold glit­ter pa­per strip 4 x 1cm

STEP 1 Fold white card in half.

STEP 2 Fold 3 tri­an­gles in half, right sides fac­ing in. Glue one half of a pa­per tri­an­gle to one half of an­other tri­an­gle, re­peat on other side.

STEP 3 Glue the cream card to front of the folded white card in the cen­tre. Glue the word ban­ner in place and the gold glit­ter strip in the cen­tre at the bot­tom. Glue the tree in place. Add the star sticker on top.

Here’s how

Heart card cut­ting in­struc­tions

• White card 14.5 x 21cm • Cream card 9 x 13cm • Fes­tive words on pa­per (font of your choice) 6.5 x 1cm • Sheet mu­sic strip 14.5 x 2.5cm • Gold glit­ter pa­per strip 8 x 1cm • 3 x heart shape

STEP 1 Fold white card in half. STEP 2 Glue the cream card to front of the folded white card in the cen­tre. Glue the word ban­ner in place and the sheet mu­sic strip in the left of cen­tre at the top of the card front. Glue in place the gold glit­ter strip over the right hand edge of the sheet mu­sic strip. STEP 3 Fold 3 hearts in half right sides fac­ing in. Glue one half of a pa­per heart to one half of an­other heart, re­peat on other side. Glue the heart in place on the card.

Here’s how

Small snowflake card cut­ting in­struc­tions

• White card 7.5 x 15cm

• Red card 6.5cm square • Gold glit­ter cir­cle 5cm di­am­e­ter • 1 x BHG pa­per snowflake

STEP 1 Fold white card in half. STEP 2 Glue red card in the cen­tre of the folded card front. Glue on glit­ter gold cir­cle off cen­tre to the right. Glue snowflake on top in cen­tre of glit­ter cir­cle.

Here’s how

Large tree card cut­ting in­struc­tions

• BHG Christ­mas pa­per: 2 x 38cm strip, 3.5 x 38cm strip, 4.5 x 38cm strip, 5.5 x 38cm strip, 6.5 x 38cm strip • White card 18 x 24cm

• 1 x flower mo­tif from BHG Christ­mas pa­per as top of tree dec­o­ra­tion

STEP 1 Con­certina fold the strips of pa­per with 1.5cm folds.

STEP 2 Us­ing the 2cm strip, 3cm down from the top and to the left of the cen­tre fold, glue one short end of the long con­certina strip (pat­tern fac­ing up) to the white card stock. Glue the other short end of the long con­certina strip (pat­tern fac­ing up) to the right of the cen­tre fold.

STEP 3 Leave a 1cm gap and re­peat on the next row with the 3.5cm strip. Con­tinue to glue strips in place fol­low­ing the above in­struc­tions and go­ing from smaller to the largest strip (6.5 x 38cm) at the bot­tom.

STEP 4 Adorn the top of the tree with the cut out flower mo­tif.

Here’s how

En­ve­lope in­struc­tions

STEP 1 En­large en­ve­lope di­a­gram and cut out. Use this as a tem­plate to cut the out­side owfrat­ph­pi­enge­bun­wn­vtrie­neagltowh in BHG Christ­mas pa­per.

STEP 2 For the lin­ing use the tem­plate to cut just the top flap and cen­tre rec­tan­gle of the en­ve­lope. We used the sheet mu­sic pa­per.

STEP 3 Glue the lin­ing to the en­ve­lope, right sides fac­ing out. Leave to dry.

STEP 4 Fold the bot­tom edge up, put glue on the outer edges. Fold over the left and right flaps and press to stick with glue on bot­tom flap. Leave to dry be­fore use.

LIT­TLE BIRDS Gather your sup­plies

• Red and green card stock • BHG Christ­mas pa­per • Scis­sors • Craft glue • Black marker • DMC Perle red thread and em­broi­dery nee­dle

Here’s how

STEP 1 To make a bird you will need to use the large cir­cle tem­plate for the body, the small cir­cle tem­plate for a wing, a beak and a tail tem­plate.

STEP 2 Cut out bird pieces us­ing de­sired com­bi­na­tions of BHG pa­per or card stock for body, wings, beak and tail. In­stead of us­ing the tail tem­plate, you can also of the pa­per de­sign and use as a tail.

STEP 3 Cut ex­tra dec­o­ra­tive mo­tifs from the BHG Christ­mas pa­per to add pretty de­tails to the wing area.

STEP 4 Us­ing craft glue, glue all the pieces in place, fold in half. Mark the eye with a black marker.

STEP 5 To add the red thread hang­ers, thread the red thread on the nee­dle. Push the nee­dle through the mid­dle of the folded pa­per from the in­side, pull the thread up with 10cm of thread com­ing through. Take the nee­dle back through the card­board 1cm away from the pre­vi­ous hole made. Tie off the 2 threads in­side the bird body.

GAR­LAND Gather your sup­plies

• BHG Christ­mas pa­per for leaves

• Dark and light green card stock

• Scis­sors

• Craft glue

• 4.5m red and white bak­ers twine

• Dou­ble-sided tape

Here’s how

STEP 1 Us­ing the tem­plate (over the En­ve­lope page), cut 96 leaf shapes us­ing the var­i­ous BHG Christ­mas pa­pers. Cut 20 light green cir­cles and 34 dark green cir­cles from the card stock.

STEP 2 Glue 2 leaves to­gether to cre­ate a dou­ble-sided pat­terned leaf. You will end up with 48 dou­ble-sided leaves.

STEP 3 Start by at­tach­ing the green cir­cles to the twine with dou­blesided tape, stick­ing a same coloured cir­cle on each side of the twine. Spac­ing does not have to be even.

STEP 4 Glue the leaves onto the cir­cles Card and en­ve­lope and leave to dry be­fore hang­ing.

JAM JAR COV­ERS Gather your sup­plies

• Shop-bought jam • BHG Christ­mas pa­per • BHG Christ­mas rib­bon • Scis­sors

• Ruler

Here’s how

STEP 1 Mea­sure the di­am­e­ter of the jam jar lid, adding 3cm to all sides to cut a square. For ex­am­ple, if the jam jar lid has a 6.5cm di­am­e­ter, cut a 12.5cm square. STEP 2 Place the pa­per on top of the lid (cen­tred) and tie the rib­bon around it to keep it in place.

COV­ERED BOOKS Gather your sup­plies

• BHG Christ­mas pa­per

• Books, such as blank jour­nals and sketch books • Scis­sors

• Craft glue stick

Here’s how

STEP 1 Cut BHG Christ­mas pa­per 2cm larger than your book all the way around.

STEP 2 Spread glue over the pa­per and lay book on top. Work­ing quickly while the glue is still tacky, turn the book over and smooth the pa­per of any lumps and bub­bles. STEP 3 Turn the book back over and dab glue along the edge of the in­side cover of the book. Fold the pa­per edge over, fold­ing at the cor­ners for a neat, mitred cor­ner.

STAR WREATH Gather your sup­plies

• BHG Christ­mas pa­per

• Sheet mu­sic

• Cotton lace rib­bon

• 30cm wil­low wreath

• Gold rib­bon

• Faux fo­liage

• Scis­sors

• Sticky tape

• Fiskars hole punch

• PVA glue

Here’s how

STEP 1 Cut 14 stars (see tem­plate, left) in var­i­ous BHG Christ­mas pa­pers and sheet mu­sic. Fold fol­low­ing the fold lines and push in and up to cre­ate 3D ef­fect.

STEP 2 Wrap cotton lace rib­bon around the wreath and tape in place.

STEP 3 Cut eight 40cm lengths of gold rib­bon.

STEP 4 Tuck in faux fo­liage around the wreath.

STEP 5 Punch a hole in 8 stars and tie onto the wreath with gold rib­bon. Fin­ish the rib­bon off with a bow. Heart page 1

Tree ogrn­li­umeentsre­main­ing stars to wreath.

TREE OR­NA­MENTS Gather your sup­plies

• Hes­sian

• Var­i­ous BHG Christ­mas pa­per • Fab­ric stiff­ener (Birch Mod Podge Stiffy)

• PVA glue

• Fiskars cir­cle hand punch • BHG Christ­mas red rib­bon

Here’s how

STEP 1 Us­ing Tree or­na­ment tem­plates (left), cut larger shapes from hes­sian, and smaller shapes from BHG Christ­mas pa­per.

STEP 2 Use fab­ric stiff­ener on hes­sian, fol­low­ing man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions.

STEP 3 Ap­ply glue to pa­per shapes, cen­tre on hes­sian and press to ad­here.

STEP 4 Make a hole at cen­tre top through pa­per and hes­sian. Cut a 30cm piece of rib­bon, feed both ends through hole from the back of or­na­ment, knot­ting off 8cm tails to cre­ate hanger.

AD­VENT CONES Gather your sup­plies

• BHG Christ­mas pa­per

• Scis­sors

• Green card stock

• Gold metal­lic num­bers, 1 to 24

• Craft glue

• Lit­tle treats for the ad­vent cal­en­der

Here’s how

STEP 1 Us­ing 2 cone tem­plates and var­i­ous de­signs in the BHG pa­per, cut 12 tall cones and 12 small cones.

STEP 2 Cut 24 semi­cir­cles in the green card stock and stick on the gold num­ber stick­ers, num­ber­ing 1 through to 24.

STEP 3 Us­ing craft glue, stick the green half cir­cle to the bot­tom mid­dle of the cut cone shape.

STEP 4 Ap­ply glue to one long straight edge on pat­terned side of pa­per. Pull pa­per around (with right side fac­ing out) and join the two long edges so they over­lap by 1cm. Press down lightly so the glue sticks.

STEP 5 Ar­range the cones in place and hide treats un­der them.

WRAP­PING BUNT­ING Gather your sup­plies

• Rec­tan­gle papier-mâché box • BHG Christ­mas pa­per • Scis­sors Cir­cle

• Glue stick

• Fiskars cir­cle hand punch • Nat­u­ral twine

• Card stock in red and gold glit­ter

Here’s how

STEP 1 Cover the lid of the box with BHG Christ­mas pa­per.

STEP 2 Us­ing the tem­plates, cut 12 short, 10 medium and 10 large bunt­ing flags in var­i­ous Wreath pa­per star colours and de­signs.

STEP 3 Glue same-sized flags to­gether to cre­ate dou­ble-sided flags.

STEP 4 Punch holes in top of flags and thread twine through, ty­ing a knot at start and end to keep bunt­ing in place. Tie bunt­ing around the box. ➤

Cov­er­ing a box

Christ­mas tree star

4 x cards

Heart card

Cov­ered books

Jam jar cov­ers


Star wreath

Ad­vent cones

Tree or­na­ments

Wrap­ping bunt­ing

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