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Prepa­ra­tion time 10 mins plus overnight set­ting Cook­ing time nil

Serves 12

2 x 85g packet pineap­ple-flavoured jelly crys­tals

2 x 85g packet or­ange­flavoured jelly crys­tals 600ml thick­ened cream

50g sa­chet co­conut-milk pow­der 2 Tbsp ic­ing sugar mix­ture 400g jam sponge roll, thinly

sliced into 14 rounds 100ml pineap­ple juice

50ml co­conut-flavoured white rum 1.2kg dou­ble thick vanilla cus­tard ¼ ripe pineap­ple, peeled, cut into

wedges, green fronds re­served 1 mango, thinly sliced

125g pun­net rasp­ber­ries

4 thinly sliced rounds of lime 2 pas­sion­fruit, halved Toasted co­conut flakes, to gar­nish

STEP 1 Empty pineap­ple jelly crys­tals into a large heat­proof jug. Add 500ml boil­ing wa­ter and stir un­til crys­tals have dis­solved. Pour into a 13.5cm square plas­tic con­tainer. Re­peat with or­ange-flavoured jelly, set­ting both in sep­a­rate con­tain­ers in the fridge overnight. Dice jelly into cubes.

STEP 2 Put cream, co­conut-milk pow­der and sugar in a large bowl and beat with elec­tric hand mixer un­til firm peaks form.

STEP 3 Ar­range sponge roll pieces in the base of a 20cm glass tri­fle dish, start­ing by push­ing slices up­right onto side of the dish, then pile re­main­ing sponge in the cen­tre.

STEP 4 Driz­zle sponge roll with com­bined pineap­ple juice and rum.

STEP 5 Top with cus­tard, fol­lowed by half of the pineap­ple and half of the or­ange jelly.

STEP 6 Spoon co­conut cream over the top, then scat­ter with re­main­ing jelly.

STEP 7 Ar­range fruit on top. Scat­ter with co­conut flakes and dec­o­rate with pineap­ple fronds. Serve.

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