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Head to the hard­ware store and pick up a ready-made rope cur­tain – or two if your open­ing is es­pe­cially wide.

You’ll find it eas­ier to knot the ropes when they’re al­ready hang­ing, so trim the tim­ber sup­port bat­tens to the de­sired width, if nec­es­sary, then se­cure the cur­tain in place with screws or nails. Now you’re ready to add a lit­tle macramé magic!

STEP 1 Start­ing in the mid­dle of the cur­tain, work out to­wards the sides, work­ing in 4-strand sec­tions. Fol­low­ing Di­a­gram 1 (right), make a square knot in as many 4-strand sec­tions as you please. You can make these knots all at the same height or vary them, as shown in the pho­to­graph. STEP 2 For the next row of square knots, use 2 strands from one pre­vi­ous 4-strand sec­tion and 2 strands from an ad­ja­cent 4-strand sec­tion (see Di­a­gram 2, be­low). Work as many knots as you want along the row, then add a third row, if de­sired, again al­ter­nat­ing the pairs of strands, as shown.

11 Love the look of a macramé cur­tain but can’t imag­ine mak­ing one? It’s easy-peasy! Just start with a ready-made rope cur­tain and add a few knots!

Di­a­gram 1 Di­a­gram 2

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