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Gather your sup­plies

• Ter­ra­cotta bird­bath

490 x 110 x 490mm

• Primer (sealer)

• Tiles 75 x 150mm: 2 white,

10 dark green, 9 pink

• Tile nip­pers

• Tile ad­he­sive

• 22 in­di­vid­ual black penny round tiles • 1 litre ready-mixed glue grout • Flex­i­ble knife (or old plas­tic key card)

You’ll also need

Paint­brush; safety glasses; tea towel; ham­mer; dis­pos­able gloves; dry soft cloth; ny­lon nail brush; old bread knife

Here’s how

STEP 1 Ap­ply sealer to the in­side and out­side of ter­ra­cotta bowl with a paint­brush, then leave to dry.

STEP 2 Wear­ing safety glasses and us­ing a hard sur­face as a base (this could be a table­top or chop­ping board), place tile right side down with tea towel on top. With a ham­mer, tap on top of the tea towel, break­ing the tile into small pieces. You will need a vari­a­tion of shapes and sizes. For de­tailed shapes or smaller sizes use the tile nip­pers.

STEP 3 With gloves on, start ad­her­ing pink tiles to the mid­dle of the bowl by putting ad­he­sive on the bot­tom of the tile with an old knife. Press down onto bowl. In the pink sec­tion spo­rad­i­cally add the black penny round tiles to rep­re­sent wa­ter­melon pips.

STEP 4 Once the cen­tre bot­tom of the in­side bowl is ¾ cov­ered start the top of the bowl rim in the green coloured tiles. Use the tile nip­pers if you need tiles to fit within a space. Com­plete the whole cir­cum­fer­ence of the top of the bowl.

STEP 5 Add green tiles to the top in­side of bowl – com­plete a sin­gle line in the green tile all the way around.

STEP 6 Di­rectly be­low the last com­pleted green line, start ad­her­ing a white line of tiles that goes all the way around the bowl.

STEP 7 Fill the gap be­tween the white line of tiles and bot­tom pink tiles with more pink tiles and the black pips to fin­ish off. Leave tiles to set overnight. Be sure to check man­u­fac­turer’s time­lines for glue set­ting just in case, as times can vary.

STEP 8 Put tile grout onto the base of the bowl and push down with a flex­i­ble knife (or old key card), fill­ing all the cracks and gaps. Leave for a few min­utes un­til the sur­face has dried, then brush off any ex­cess grout us­ing a stiff nail­brush.

STEP 9 Pol­ish with a soft cloth when the grout is dry.

STEP 10 Turn bowl up­side down and re­peat mo­saic steps to cover the out­side of the bowl, this time start­ing near the rim and work­ing your way to the bot­tom of bowl. Stop about 10cm from the base, leav­ing the ter­ra­cotta to show.



STEP 6, 7




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